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NuCalm Use Cases

The patient experience is paramount. NuCalm gives clinicians the power and opportunity to help every patient resolve their stress and restore balance. Any NuCalm session 15 minutes and longer provides therapeutic value. Clinical use of NuCalm is recommended for:

  • Any appointment or treatment that lasts 15 minutes or longer
  • Patients who have a high level of stress or anxiety
  • Patients with a history of poor sleep
  • Patients who cannot tolerate sedation or are high risk patients
  • Patients who need to be able to drive after their appointment


NuCalm Performance Technology Overview

Download to learn how NuCalm works to create a deeply relaxed you in 4 minutes.

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"NuCalm is an exceptional system that is predictable, easy to use, and my guests and team love it. NuCalm consistently relaxes our guests. Even after long procedures our guests are leaving our practice feeling refreshed and amiable. NuCalm creates a unique cooperation with my guests in the chair. They are calm and relaxed which allows me to focus on what I do best.

With NuCalm I am empowered to help many people without causing any harm. Rarely does a solution this profound get launched into the dental industry. NuCalm will become the standard of care for the dental experience - our teams, ourselves, and our guests will all be more relaxed. NuCalm is going to change dentistry."

Dr. Omer Reed, DDS, Phoenix, Arizona