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NuCalm Use Cases

Peak performers understand the importance of recovery. NuCalm is high performance relaxation and allows your body to restore very quickly. A 15-30 minute NuCalm session helps:

  • Accelerate muscle recovery

  • Resolve neuromuscular tension

  • Reconcile emotional stress

  • Recover from poor sleep

  • Resolve jet lag

  • Improve mental clarity and decision making

NuCalm use is ideal:

  • Immediately after competition or rigorous training

  • Immediately after a stressful situation

  • In preparation for important meetings or events

  • During travel and immediately when you arrive at your destination

  • During nights when sleep is disrupted



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 Dr. BIll Dickerson on the Science of NuCalm

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"NuCalm is an exceptional system that is predictable, easy to use, and my guests and team love it. NuCalm consistently relaxes our guests. Even after long procedures our guests are leaving our practice feeling refreshed and amiable. NuCalm creates a unique cooperation with my guests in the chair. They are calm and relaxed which allows me to focus on what I do best.

With NuCalm I am empowered to help many people without causing any harm. Rarely does a solution this profound get launched into the dental industry. NuCalm will become the standard of care for the dental experience - our teams, ourselves, and our guests will all be more relaxed. NuCalm is going to change dentistry."

Dr. Omer Reed, DDS, Phoenix, Arizona