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NuCalm Use Cases

Peak performers understand the importance of recovery. NuCalm is high performance relaxation and allows your body to restore very quickly. A 15-30 minute NuCalm session helps:

  • Accelerate muscle recovery

  • Resolve neuromuscular tension

  • Reconcile emotional stress

  • Recover from poor sleep

  • Resolve jet lag

  • Improve mental clarity and decision making

NuCalm use is ideal:

  • Immediately after competition or rigorous training

  • Immediately after a stressful situation

  • In preparation for important meetings or events

  • During travel and immediately when you arrive at your destination

  • During nights when sleep is disrupted



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 Dr. BIll Dickerson on the Science of NuCalm

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“At SportFuel, we work with professional athletes to manage cortisol and address the inflammation response with nutrition and lifestyle. NuCalm has proven to be a remarkably reliable tool for helping to modulate cortisol levels and inflammation. NuCalm quickly takes athletes out of their catabolic breakdown mode and shifts them into a healthy build-up mode so they can heal and recover as quickly as possible. When athletes are in a balanced nervous system state, they respond instinctively instead of reacting impulsively, and thereby can perform at their highest level. I count on NuCalm personally and so do our athletes ... they have been using it for over 3 years and love it.”

Julie Burns, MS, RD, CCN Founder and CEO, SportFuel, Inc.