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NuCalm Use Cases

Peak performers understand the importance of recovery. NuCalm is high performance relaxation and allows your body to restore very quickly. A 15-30 minute NuCalm session helps:

  • Accelerate muscle recovery

  • Resolve neuromuscular tension

  • Reconcile emotional stress

  • Recover from poor sleep

  • Resolve jet lag

  • Improve mental clarity and decision making

NuCalm use is ideal:

  • Immediately after competition or rigorous training

  • Immediately after a stressful situation

  • In preparation for important meetings or events

  • During travel and immediately when you arrive at your destination

  • During nights when sleep is disrupted



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 Dr. BIll Dickerson on the Science of NuCalm

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“The NuCalm technology is exciting, with its awesome current applications, and the promise of beneficial future investigations.  The ability of NuCalm to reduce sympathetic discharge and its impact on the autonomic nervous system is clearly a freestanding and noteworthy contribution to society and our high-paced, stress-filled lives.  We know that every organ system in the human body is disturbed when sympathetic tone predominates excessively and chronically.  I can imagine a myriad of uses for NuCalm to demonstrate the immune-boosting role of shifting to a parasympathetic-dominated tone.”

Dr. Tarman Aziz