One of the things that sets NuCalm apart from sedation dentistry is that it isn’t just a way to relieve anxiety or discomfort: it’s also a truly enjoyable experience on its own. Everyone’s NuCalm experience will be different, but here are five joys that some people report from using NuCalm.


Watching Your Anxiety Slip Away

If you have anxiety, you know how once it starts it can be very hard to get rid of. You feel the anxiety starting and it builds on itself, growing worse and worse. This is especially hard to deal with when you’re trying to sleep, so you might think that it would be the same with NuCalm. But it’s the exact opposite.

Not only can your anxiety just melt away, but you have the unique experience of being aware of anxiety melting away. Sedation dentistry dulls your experience so you don’t experience the anxiety, but you don’t experience the relief, either. You can feel more control under NuCalm than you might under sedation.

Being in Your Own Headspace

It’s very hard to find time dedicated just to yourself. Even if you are able to carve out some “me time” in your busy schedule, so much looms overhead: work, family, finances, and, above all, that ticking clock wasting away your precious time.

But with NuCalm you are able to be delve into yourself and be truly isolated. All the rest of those things can melt away, leaving you comfortably relaxed. You won’t even be aware of the time as it passes–you’ll just enjoy where you are.

Liminal Consciousness

You know that delicious time when you’re just falling asleep or when you’re just waking up? It’s so exquisitely pleasurable that you wish you could somehow stretch it out. Under normal conditions that’s impossible because you’re either falling asleep or waking up, so you can hang in that state only briefly.

But with NuCalm you get to spend as long at that state as you want to or need to. Just drift along happily in an experience that is both heavy and weightless, aware but cocooned, thinking and yet thoughtless. It’s a truly delightful experience.

True Rest

People who get sedation dentistry often feel the need to “sleep it off.” The chemical suppression can be hard on your body and mind–it wears you out.

NuCalm is the opposite, though. It actually rests your body and mind so that you come out of the experience feeling more rested and energetic than when you started.

Better Sleep

Although NuCalm helps you feel rested, it doesn’t interfere with your sleep. On the contrary, it’s more likely to help you sleep better. You might fall asleep faster, spend more time in REM sleep, and awake more rested than you’re used to.

A side effect of spending more time in REM sleep could be more vivid and memorable dreams than you’re used to. Just as you spend more time at the edge of consciousness with NuCalm, you might be more aware of the time you spend in dreams as they wend their fascinating way through intricate turns.

What Will Your Experience Be?

As we said, NuCalm is a uniquely personal experience. These are just some examples of experiences that people have shared with us, and it’s hard to know what your experience will be like until you try it.

But people do agree: NuCalm works and it’s a much better experience than getting dental work done without it. If you are looking to try NuCalm, please contact a local NuCalm dentist today.