Jim Poole, MBA

Jim Poole, MBA

For the past several years, Jim Poole, CEO of Solace Lifesciences, has hosted an annual private conference call with our clients called “Key Trends and Drivers”. Based on feedback we received from listeners, this is by far the most popular event we host each year. This year, In “The 90 Minute MBA”, Jim explains how you can leverage important demographic trends to achieve your goals.

Note:  The information in Part 2 is based on the data presented in Part 1, so you’ll benefit from listening to these sessions in order. To download the MP3 files for listening on your local device, click the download symbol at the lower right corner of the track.

In Part 1, using extensive financial and demographic data, Jim explores the underlying trends that affect all areas of the country and highlights the powerful forces driving change in consumer perceptions and buying behaviors. Any professional could benefit from being aware of these trends and staying well out in front of them – but, you have to know what they are.

The 90 Minute MBA – Part 1

In Part 2, Jim covers how to build a marketing strategy to achieve differentiation, build your brand, improve client loyalty, and accelerate your financial success. Using scientific methods including target market segmentation, competitive analysis, organizational design, and customer value propositions, Jim illustrates how to build an effective and executable plan in the same manner that Fortune 500 companies use.

The 90 Minute MBA – Part 2

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