With isolation orders for the coronavirus increasing around the world and across the US, more people are being asked to work from home. This represents a new situation for many people, who are now struggling with the demands of their new work situation. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, NuCalm can help you make the most of your work-from-home routine. 

Here’s how. 

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Stress Reduction

Many people find that the only thing more stressful than going to the office is not being able to go to the office. Working from home reduces your access to the tools and equipment you need to do your work efficiently. Sometimes there are easy work-arounds. Other times, you end up spending too much time trying to get access to systems that are already set up in the office, putting you behind. Plus, there’s the intrusion of spouses, children, pets, and more at home. And your coworkers can be hard to track down. 

Fortunately, NuCalm can help you counter these stresses, as well as the additional stress of having to deal with the global pandemic. NuCalm disables your body’s stress response, helping you to get through your day without becoming overwhelmed. 

Improve Learning

Working from home is going to require learning new skills. Suddenly, you’re going to be your own IT department and it will make sense to take on some of your secretary’s responsibilities, too, because it’s not as easy to communicate with them about what needs to be done. 

NuCalm is a great tool to improve your ability to pick up new skills. It expands blood supply to the frontal and prefrontal cortex, which can help you to learn more quickly. 

Maximize Your Exercise Regimen

Another casualty of isolation orders is your pre- or post-work visit to the gym. Instead, you have to work out from home, which might limit your access to equipment, as well as limit the time you can dedicate to working out. So you want to make sure you are getting the most out of what you can do. 

Nucalm can help with this. NuCalm improves blood flow to your muscles, improving healing and conditioning. This helps your body to build more muscle in response to your routine. The improved learning also applies to muscle memory, which can help you get better at your at-home routine quickly. 

Get Better Sleep

One problem with working from home is that it’s much harder to define your workday and your time off. It’s much easier to just keep working into the night, which can infringe not only on your family time, but also on your sleep time. NuCalm helps you get secondary concerns out of your mind so you can focus on the task at hand, even if that’s sleeping. 

NuCalm helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and get better rest when you are sleeping. 

Personal Time

Another challenge of isolation is that you can’t easily get away from your family, roommates,and others who share your living space. NuCalm can help with this, too. It’s like a 20-minute vacation where you travel into your own mind. This deep meditation-like state helps you enjoy some much-needed time on your own, even if you have to physically share space with the same people essentially 24 hours a day. 

NuCalm: A Powerful Productivity Tool

If you are having trouble being productive when working from home, NuCalm can help you focus so  you can maximize every hour of the day. This makes it an essential addition to your home office.