A NuCalm Patient

NuCalm is a patented, clinically proven neuroscience technology that is revolutionizing the patient experience by naturally relaxing the mind and body within minutes − providing a calm, comfortable and stress-free experience for patients.


NuCalm uses biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology to rapidly and reliably relax brain and body functions – making it physically impossible for a person to have an anxious response during treatments or procedures. NuCalm is unique because it creates deep relaxation without using narcotics or controlled substances, causes no side effects, and requires no recuperative time or supervision. NuCalm brings the body into a state where optimal restoration can occur, so the healing process is more efficient. NuCalm is beneficial before, during or after a procedure, improving the overall patient experience and enabling clinicians to safely control the most complex, unpredictable, and unreliable part of the job – the patient.

When to Use NuCalm


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The thought of having surgery or undergoing a procedure is always stressful. Before the doctor even walks into the room, patients’ minds fill with worry and anxiety, wondering how the procedure will go; how much pain will they need to endure; how long will it take to recover; or if this was even the right decision. The physiological consequences of stress – tense muscles, racing hearts, scattered minds – serve them no benefit either during the procedure, nor in their recovery. NuCalm can help prior to any procedure in many ways:

●  NuCalm allows patients to begin their operative experience on a positive note

●  With NuCalm, a patient is relaxed and anxiety-free going into the procedure

●  NuCalm will help patients be compliant and responsive which will help procedures start on time

●  NuCalm is a drug-free and side-effect-free alternative to sedation

During OP/Procedure

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Many cosmetic surgeries will only require local anesthesia. However, patients often have an issue with being awake during a procedure and will request some form of sedation or anti-anxiety medication. This is a fair request, as it goes against our primal instincts to willingly lie on a table while being poked and prodded. The added step of sedation or drug administration is not very time and cost effective and will leave patients feeling drowsy, cognitively impaired and unable to drive. NuCalm is the drug-free alternative to sedation. Here are some of the benefits of using NuCalm during a procedure:

●  NuCalm cuts out distractions and brings patients into a deeply relaxed state, verging on sleep

●  NuCalm guides the body into a state of parasympathetic dominance where the heart rate slows, diaphragmatic breathing occurs, and muscle movement is limited

●  NuCalm is drug-free and will cause no adverse side effects or lasting post-op effects


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Patients often worry about post-op pain and recovery time. Stress causes high cortisol and epinephrine levels, inhibiting strong immune function and promoting chronic inflammation. Reducing stress and increasing comfort are vital to post-op care. Opioid pain management is highly addictive and stunts pain without promoting recovery. NuCalm is an effective supplementary post-op treatment that can promote recovery and help alleviate pain:

●  NuCalm reduces stress and anxiety by promoting calm and relaxation – emotions that minimize pain perception

●  NuCalm suspends the body in parasympathetic dominance where restoration occurs

●  NuCalm can reboot immune cells’ electrical activity to promote optimal function

●  NuCalm causes diaphragmatic breathing, allowing maximum oxygen delivery to damaged tissues

●  NuCalm improves sleep quality, so that natural recovery can occur more efficiently