Cell Aging

Wrinkles, skin spots and graying hair are caused by aging cells that divide less and begin to die. Chronic stress is a major contributor to cell aging. NuCalm is all natural, patented, clinically proven neuroscience that quickly resolves stress for your mind and body.

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Typical signs of aging such as wrinkles, skin spots, and graying hair can be associated with cellular senescence – the aging of cells. High levels of stress may contribute to cell aging. Studies have demonstrated that high levels of cortisol, a result of chronic stress, are associated with shortened DNA telomeres. DNA telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes that keep them from deteriorating. When shortened, they will no longer be able to keep chromosomes intact causing cells to die or stop dividing. Links have been found between shortened telomeres and many physical and neuropsychological disorders such as arthritis, heart disease, and major depressive disorder.

NuCalm is designed to treat stress at the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. It kickstarts a “negative feedback loop” to shut off the HPA axis when high levels of cortisol are detected. Reducing cortisol in the body slows the rate at which telomeres shorten and cells age.

NuCalm reboots cell electrical equilibrium which is critical to cell health and stability. NuCalm’s neuroacoustic software forces the Alpha-Theta crossover; a phenomenon where the brain oscillates between 7-8Hz and indicates hypnagogia, a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. These electrical pulses are transmitted throughout the body and reset the sodium and potassium ions at the cellular membranes. This cellular reboot is one of the main reasons that the results from a Harvard Medical School study indicate that a 45-minute exposure of NuCalm is the equivalent of a 2-5 hour deep restorative nap.

By shutting off the stress response to decrease cellular cortisol levels and by rebooting cellular electrical equilibrium to increase cell health and stability, NuCalm has the potential to slow the rate at which cells age.

NuCalm for Chronic
Stress & Anxiety

Chronic stress and anxiety are the greatest threats to your health and longevity.

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They over stimulate the adrenal gland leading to a series of cognitive, somatic, emotional or behavioral consequences. NuCalm eliminates stress and relieves the adrenal gland to help slow the rate at which you age.

Chronic stress and anxiety are the greatest threats to your health and longevity and are estimated to affect nearly one-third of the population, even more so in the elderly. Overactivation of your adrenal gland caused by stress can lead to many cognitive, somatic, emotional, and behavioral consequences. Cognitive components include feelings of fear, indecision and/or worry. Somatic or physical symptoms of stress can consist of heart palpitations, headaches, shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle tension and/or frequent infections. Emotional and behavioral consequences of stress may comprise irritability, depression, loss of confidence, restlessness, appetite changes, insomnia/fatigue and more. Chronic stress can drastically reduce immune function, induce inflammation, alter sleep, and throw off autonomic nervous system balance all of which lead to faster aging.

Stress should be your primary target for anti-aging and eliminating it is what NuCalm was designed for. NuCalm entrains your brain oscillations into the alpha-theta range where deep relaxation and meditation occur. It interferes with the stress response networks within the brain to lighten the load on the adrenal gland and restore optimal function. Perhaps stressors are not avoidable but, with NuCalm, your stress response is.

NuCalm for Inflammation
in the Elderly

Chronic inflammation has been associated with the development of many age-related diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and neurodegenerative disorders.

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Use NuCalm to regulate the inflammatory response while you are gracefully suspended in parasympathetic dominance.

Inflammation is the process by which immune cells are recruited to a site of injury or infection. Short-term, it is necessary for repairing tissues and clearing infections, however, chronically, the inflammatory proteins can damage your body. As you age, there is less control over the inflammatory process. As you age, you have fewer mediator proteins to clear up increased levels of inflammatory proteins which propagates the development of age-related symptoms and diseases. Chronic inflammation in aging has been associated with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, skeletal muscle atrophy, and neurodegenerative disorders. It is also one of the reasons that healing is less efficient as you age and muscle soreness lingers longer after exertion.

NuCalm suspends the body in parasympathetic nervous system dominance to idle in its optimal healing state. With this greater autonomic homeostasis, your body’s biological systems will operate with optimal efficiency, meaning the inflammatory response will clear up faster and recovery will happen sooner. NuCalm will also relieve stress thereby eliminating its negative contribution to inflammation. NuCalm may also provide a particular benefit in reducing neuro-inflammatory responses which are often implicated in neurodegenerative diseases.

NuCalm for Sleep

Your sleep gets worse as you get older due to various pathological contributions.

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Then the less you sleep, the faster you age. But NuCalm can put the brakes on aging by permitting you to get the rest and rejuvenation you need with good quality sleep.

As you get older, your sleep becomes more and more disrupted. You sleep less, and not as deeply. Daytime fatigue, sleep apnea, and insomnia are all more prevalent in the elderly. Studies have suggested that neurotransmitter imbalance and circadian dysfunction change the sleep cycle, whereas loss of neurons in the prefrontal cortex and loss of blood vessels throughout the brain’s white matter interfere with the generation of slow-waves needed in deep sleep. These diverse pathological changes occur naturally in the aging brain, sometimes more dramatically in neurodegenerative diseases, which will disrupt sleep. However, additional poor sleep propagates these changes as well as leads to cognitive decline. It is a positive feedback loop that serves you no benefit as you age.

NuCalm can help reduce sleep disruptions and sleep/age-related pathological changes in the brain. NuCalm resets neurotransmitter and hormonal balance as well as circadian rhythms – to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. During a NuCalm session, diaphragmatic breathing occurs which allows for maximum oxygen to reach the brain and fuel neurons thereby possibly slowing neurodegeneration. It promotes neuronal synchrony across brain networks which may help the frontal cortex to generate slow-wave oscillations during nighttime sleep.

NuCalm for Cognitive Performance

Your brain changes with age which often leads to a decline in cognitive performance – particularly regarding memory.

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Stress and poor sleep accelerate this decline. NuCalm may help slow cognitive decline by eliminating stress and improving sleep.

A classic symptom of aging is a decline in cognitive performance – particularly regarding memory. The entorhinal cortex and hippocampus, both brain structures related to memory, naturally shrink with age. However, studies have shown that elevated cortisol and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction, both consequences of chronic stress, are associated with smaller hippocampal volumes and poorer performance in memory tasks within adults of the same age. Others have proposed that increased exposure or sensitivity to stress may be the reason for which Alzheimer’s Disease is more common in women than men. Furthermore, poor sleep quality, which is more common in the elderly, can impede memory consolidation. Research has shown that adults who do not enter deep, slow wave sleep have more difficulty remembering information from the night before.

NuCalm may help slow memory decline by reducing stress and improving sleep quality. NuCalm inhibits the stress response at the HPA axis and restores balance to cortisol levels. By eliminating the stress factor of hippocampal volume loss, the rate at which the brain ages will steady. NuCalm also helps improve sleep quality, by resetting circadian rhythms and sleep-inducing GABAergic processes.

NuCalm for ANS Imbalance

Aging throws off the balance in your autonomic nervous system (ANS) by promoting sympathetic (“fight-or-flight”) dominance.

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Without enough time in parasympathetic (“rest-and-digest”) dominance, your body cannot maintain its health. NuCalm is the answer to this problem with its patented neuroscience in restoring ANS balance.

Aging undermines the natural homeostatic processes occurring in the body by disrupting the balance in the autonomic nervous (ANS) and endocrine systems. The body should spend equal amounts of time in both ANS branches – the sympathetic (“fight-or-flight”) and parasympathetic (“rest-and-digest”) nervous systems. However, the older you get, the more likely you are to be sympathetically dominant. A plethora of issues arise when the body is sympathetically dominant for too long such as hypertension, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, digestive problems, and sleep disturbances. Chronic stress only perturbates this issue forward and this problem will further exacerbate aging.

NuCalm is clinically proven to restore ANS balance by giving the body the opportunity to linger in parasympathetic dominance. It does so by entraining brainwaves to the alpha-theta range for relaxation, meditation, and REM sleep, and kickstarting the GABAergic inhibitory system with the Biosignal Processing Disc. With NuCalm homeostasis can be restored and the body can function optimally again. ANS balance is key to slowing the aging process.

NuCalm for Immune Function

Health and immune system function declines with age and, at an even faster rate, with added stress.

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NuCalm removes the obstacle of stress and substitutes it with relaxation and restoration with optimal cell oxygenation.

As you age, naturally, your immune system will too. It will possibly fail at fighting off infectious, degenerative or inflammatory diseases or may even lead to an autoimmune disorder. Its effectiveness as you get older is an indication of your health and predictor of your longevity. A weakened immune system leads to a variety of further age-related issues such as greater inflammation and reduced energy generation. Immune system function is further debilitated by chronic stress. Research has shown that increased levels of cortisol are associated with lower levels of the immune system’s pathogen-fighting T-cells. Therefore, chronic stress, especially in an aging person, leaves you vulnerable and susceptible to illness.

There are many ways to help keep your immune system healthy, but NuCalm can help by removing the obstacle of stress and promoting healing through deep restoration. By substituting stress with relaxation, your body can rejuvenate and recover in an efficient manner. During NuCalm, cell oxygenation is maximized which fuels energy production, helps clear inflammation and reboots optimal immune cell function. NuCalm will give your immune system the time to do its job and not get run down, so it can help you live longer and healthier.

The Interdependence of Age, Stress and Health

  • Although physical and mental fitness will naturally decline with age, health can decline drastically as a result of chronic stress
  • A declining health will speed up aging and cause more stress
  • Decline in cognitive function (ex. bad memory)
  • Reduced physical strength and endurance
  • Aesthetic changes
  • Development of age-related diseases
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic stress is detrimental to nearly every biological system within the body and contributes to declining health during aging
  • Chronic stress is also a major instigator and contributor to unhealthy behaviors which, in turn, progress aging and reduce health
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The Inevitable Stress of Getting Older

Getting older is exciting when you’re young, but as years go by, most people become less and less thrilled about the matter. As one ages, there are more age-related stressors in life that will inevitably arise due to family, work, expenses or health.

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Family, although ideally loving and supportive, is not always easy. With age, come family stressors: challenges of marriage; guiding and worrying about children; caregiving for your own parents; and the grief of losing loved ones.

You may be comfortable in your career, but there are likely many work-related stressors that you will still face: getting that promotion; changing your career; considering retirement; and competing with the younger generation.

You’ve worked hard and are living comfortably, but expenses continue to rise as you age: you’re still paying off the mortgage; saving money for your retirement; paying for your kids’ college; and finally hoping to take a well-deserved long vaction.

In addition to all of these stressors, you now have your declining health to worry about: cognition declines and you become forgetful or disoriented; you lack the physical strength and stamina you once had; you feel more aches and pains; injuries may be graver and slower to heal; you may need reading glasses as your eyesight worsens; wrinkles will form and skin spots will appear; and you find yourself at the doctor’s office much more frequently for all the new check ups that come with older age.

These responsibilities, obstacles, or adversities can be called stressors – but whether or not you allow yourself to feel the stress induced by them is your decision. If you allow these stressors to negatively affect you, then in combination with genetic predisposition and natural physiological processes, you’ll face a cascade of health-related consequences which will just propel your aging further. Preventing chronic stress can improve your health and slow your aging process. Understanding the interdependence of aging, stress, and health in more detail and introducing NuCalm to your routine will help interrupt this negative sequence.