NuCalm iOS App update

If you own a NuCalm system and use an iPhone, this update is for you! We’ve been working hard on a new look, better performance, and more features!

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App Update Highlights

December 2017 Release

Super Performance

Our software tracks are massive in size. We have increased performance to ensure the highest quality playback.


Bug fixes. All software requires updates. We’ve got improvements and fixes so our app works at its best. Keep checking back for updates!

Session Timer

We’ve added a session timer! Sometimes you just need a few minutes to relax, so now you can get a gentle alert to end your session.

Download Tracks

Download your favorite NuCalm tracks, so now you can travel easily – with or without WiFi.

Fresh New Look

We gave the app a new style with brighter colors, larger fonts, and a better experience.

New Track

You have a new software track to listen to! Recovery II is our latest release. Enjoy!

Full Feature Update List

  • New software track – Recovery II
  • Fresh new look
  • Larger/brighter fonts
  • In-app quick start guide
  • Session timer function with voiceover letting you know your session is complete
  • Improved user experience for travel
    • Choose which tracks to download to your smart device
    • 72 hrs of app access without wifi/data after logging in
  • Link from the app to personal stats with more information
  • Faster app load time
  • App will run in the background (i.e. playback will not stop if you press the home button)
  • Phone will now lock according to your regular phone settings while the app continues to play
  • App controls available from the lock screen
  • Sub-user accounts available for family members sharing NuCalm
  • Removed mood meter
  • Ability to create/change your own password
  • Link to online tutorial (
  • Refer a friend button in the app (i.e. refer a friend, get a $50 credit toward future purchase)
  • Tap on the arrow next to each track for more info or to download
  • Info icon includes track credits and updated descriptions, helping you determine which track is best for you at that time
  • Link to online store for ordering supplies
  • Link to FAQs
  • App controls from the lock screen
Get it on Google Play