Athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and Olympics are currently using NuCalm to maximize output by minimizing physical, psychological and emotional stress.


Competitive athletics focus solely on results and absolutely requires a high level of fitness. One of the key factors to success is rest and recovery. The best way to do this is through restorative sleep. NuCalm is a safe, all-natural, patented neuroscience technology, clinically proven to help athletes get the restoration they need in order to maintain a healthy internal balance and achieve optimal performance. NuCalm is currently used by Olympians and professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA, with exceptional results.

Athletes endure significant physical, psychological, and emotional stress. With all of the external stressors that accompany the lifestyle of professional athletes, the actual competitive event may be the least stressful daily experience. Let’s examine the stressors that routinely challenge professional athletes:

  • Travel schedule
  • Team dynamics
  • Sponsor demands
  • Overtraining
  • Diet
  • Contracts
  • Family obligations
  • Social life demands
  • Injury recovery
  • Mental mistakes
  • Sleep
  • Appearances
  • Off-season training
  • Performance pressures
  • Competing for roster positions
  • Managing agents, lawyers, & accountants

There is constant pressure for players to handle all of these demands and perform at their highest levels day-in and day-out. Expectations are set by management, teammates, and fans as well as from the athletes themselves. Millions of dollars are invested in their ability to perform to their full potential. As a result, athletes, and those around them are constantly in search of an “edge” – something that allows them to maximize output and minimize obstacles to success.

The NuCalm Effect

NuCalm puts you in the zone, on demand