It’s summertime, and for many of us that means travel. Summer is often the time when we take off from work to explore distant places. An unfortunate side effect of traveling like this is jet lag, or, if you prefer the scientific term, circadian dischronism.

But here’s some good news: NuCalm can help you combat your jet lag so  you can quickly get back to normal on your vacation or when you return home.

Avoid Jet Lag with NuCalm | Live Better

What Is Jet Lag?

Our body has an internal clock that helps us function properly in relation to the day’s rhythms. It helps us get up on time and get to sleep on time. To accomplish this, the body releases certain hormones at certain times. These hormones help prepare your body for activity, or start its power-down sequence. Because hormones take time to activate your body, they can be released half an hour or more before the event they’re triggering. So, if you typically go to bed around 11:00, your body may start releasing sleep hormones like melatonin about 10:30.

Although the body adjusts the timing of these releases to match external and behavioral cues, it takes time to shift the cycle. When you fly across multiple time zones, your body doesn’t have the time it needs to adjust. As a result, your body can stay on the time cycle of your home for days after you reach your destination.

That’s what we call jet lag, and it can make you tired when you’re supposed to be awake, or make it impossible for you to fall asleep when it’s time.

You can also experience symptoms related to your poor sleep, which can include headaches, irritability, lack of appetite, or constantly feeling hungry. It can really keep you from enjoying your vacation, or it can make it hard for you to get back into your routine after returning from a vacation.

How Long Does Jet Lag Last?

Because the different systems are controlled by different hormones. Under normal conditions, these can take anywhere from 1-4 days to get back to normal. And for some people, it can take even longer.

How NuCalm Helps

NuCalm gives you a proactive method for resetting your body’s clock. It allows your body to wipe the slate clean in terms of circadian rhythms and start fresh, building your bodily cycle anew from the environmental and behavior clues you give it. Instead of waiting up to four days to get synced, you can do it in just one 45-minute session.

And unlike letting your body reset slowly, NuCalm allows you to get all your systems linked up at once. You won’t have your heart following one biorhythm and your lungs a different one, as often happens during jet lag. Using NuCalm makes it easier to live better when you travel.

If you’re prone to jet lag, please contact a local NuCalm provider at your destination to see if you can get set up to regulate your rhythms.