Travel is one of the greatest benefits of modern life. The world is full of so many amazing destinations, and, thanks to the speed and convenience of modern jet travel, we can enjoy them all.

But there’s a downside to our ability to travel at such unnatural speeds: we can outrun our body’s natural rhythms. With airplanes, we can easily travel so far that our days are 12 hours off. Literally day is night and night is day. Meanwhile, our body’s ability to adjust to time changes is limited: it can only change about an hour earlier or 90 minutes later each day. The disparity between the local time and your body’s internal clock is what we call jet lag.

Jet lag can ruin your travel. You may experience daytime fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and can feel down. You might find it hard to be active physically and mentally. You may even have digestive problems. That’s no way to enjoy the exotic sights, sounds, activities, and food at your destination.

However, NuCalm can help. NuCalm can help you reset your body’s systems. Your clock will then naturally synchronize with the day and night cycle at your destination. You can adapt fully in just a day, and not the better part of a week as you might have experienced in the past. Travel with NuCalm, and you can virtually eliminate jet lag.

Silhouette of an airplane at sunset.

Resetting the Body’s Clock

NuCalm is a powerful tool in avoiding jet lag. When you incorporate it into your routine, you’ll find that it really helps you to adjust quickly to time zones, whether you’re flying east or west!

Here’s how to maximize the benefits of NuCalm when adjusting to different time zones.

Start doing NuCalm a few days before you travel. This will help condition your mind for travel. In addition, you will see a better balance toward parasympathetic dominance. You’ll also build up stress resilience, which will make it easier for you to deal with the normal frustrations of traveling.

If you can, do NuCalm while on the plane. You will probably have to download the neuroacoustic tracks to make sure you have them available inflight.

When you get to the destination, don’t rely on sleep to reset your clock. Instead, do NuCalm when you might otherwise sleep in or nap. This will restore your energy, and it will help you adjust to the new day/night cycles.

A Veteran Traveler’s NuCalm Experience

You don’t have to take our word on how big a difference NuCalm can make for world travelers. Instead, check out the experience of a professional pilot. This 46-year-old pilot has 23 years (over 17,000 hours) of flight time. He flies around the world (LA to Sydney to Tel Aviv to LA) twice a month, and back and forth across the US several times a week.

A doctor turned him on to NuCalm after a 22-hour flight over the Pacific. He was stressed about all the things he had to do in town before he had to fly back to Asia. But NuCalm, “felt like a light switch. I was completely calm.”

Since then, he has incorporated NuCalm into his travel routine. In the past, it used to take him at least three days to adjust to his new location, and he would often get sick. But in the three years he’s been using NuCalm, he says, “I haven’t been sick at all. When I go home from a trip, I’m recovered within the day I arrive. Jet lag is completely eliminated for me.”

That’s the power of NuCalm.

Join the Jet Set without the Jet Lag

If you love to travel, but hate the way jet lag ruins so much of your trip, it’s time to try NuCalm. It can help reduce or even eliminate your jet lag. After a few trips, you’ll realize that it’s the one accessory you never want to travel without.