If you’re going into an anxious situation, there’re many basic pieces of advice you’re likely to receive. Most of it seems like common sense, but there’s only one problem: you can’t.

When anxiety kicks in, it can be hard to do the things we know will relax us. And that’s what makes NuCalm so powerful: it helps you do these things when dental anxiety just won’t let you control them.

Basic Anxiety Advice Highlights the Power of NuCalm

Just Breathe

Remember to breathe. This is one of the things you’ll hear most often, and it can be very frustrating. Of course you know you have to breathe. You need breath to live, and you know that slow, deep breaths help you stay calm.

But it’s not that easy when you’re anxious. Anxiety can cause you to breathe more rapidly and shallow, or it can keep you from breathing. And when you realize that you’re having trouble breathing, it can make you more anxious, which can lead to more difficulty breathing.

Listen to Something Relaxing

Of course, we all know that music can definitely help combat dental anxiety. It has power to help you feel like you’re someplace else. However, listening to music can be hard when anxiety is so distracting. You can’t focus on the music or on a podcast or whatever you normally listen to.

For some people, this can be effective, but many people find that it just isn’t enough.

Focus on the Positive

Another very easy thing to say is “Stay upbeat!” Stiff upper lip and whatnot is very easy to say when someone isn’t in your shoes. They may tell you to think about how you’ve gone through dental appointments before and come out well.

But when you’ve had bad dental experiences in the past, this isn’t as easy. Instead, you may find your mind straying to previous bad experiences at the dentist, which can defeat the whole point.

NuCalm Does This for You

We don’t want to diminish any of this advice–they’re all good recommendations. But following through on them is harder when you’re facing anxiety.

That’s why NuCalm is a scientific approach to relaxation dentistry that helps you achieve these goals, even if you can’t do it on your own. NuCalm is based on neuroscience and it influences your autonomic nervous system to achieve many physical benchmarks of a relaxed state, including taking slow, deep breaths. This is one of the verified benefits of NuCalm.

Although you might have a hard time focusing on music in the dental chair, NuCalm’s sounds are scientifically engineered to penetrate your anxious brain and do more than just distract. Their trigger one of your brain’s natural response mechanisms–the following response–to reliably achieve a relaxed state.

And perhaps most importantly, NuCalm helps you think positively about your dental visits. Once you start using NuCalm at the dentist, you’ll actually start having very positive experiences that will make you want to look forward to your next dental appointment. It won’t be the thing you dread: it’ll be the most relaxing appointment on your schedule.

Are you ready to start enjoying more relaxed dental visits, please contact a local NuCalm dentist today.