One of the most exciting things about NuCalm is its ability to transform lives. And one of the biggest life transformations that people get from NuCalm is changing their relationship to their healthcare providers.

Many people find going to the doctor, and especially the dentist to be a stressful experience. But NuCalm can change this by removing stress from the equation entirely. Instead of being stressed at the doctor or dentist, you’ll find that you’re more relaxed, in an almost meditative state. And what’s so remarkable about this transformation is that it doesn’t just lead to a better experience, it leads to better care. Here’s why.

Be a Better Patient, Get Better Care

You Won’t Drive Doctors off

Nobody wants to be stressed, especially not your doctor. Doctors have to deal with many people’s life-threatening conditions, and this demands tremendous energy reserves. To try to deal with this, doctors develop many techniques to help manage their reserves, which includes spending less time with patients who raise their stress. When you are that stressed patient, your doctor or dentist won’t want to spend as much time with you.

They’re also more likely to stay detached. Their professional detachment protects them from catching your stress, but it also means they are less invested in you as a person, even when they’re trying to do right by you as a patient.

But when you get rid of your stress, you’ll find that doctors are more eager to spend time with you. They want to listen, and they care more.

You’ll Be More Ready to Listen and Share

Many people come to their doctor sure they know what the answer to their health problem is. They come in agitated and demand a diagnosis that fits with this preconceived notion. Unfortunately, this is a great way to get misdiagnosed.

But with NuCalm, your mind will be more agile, ready to consider more possibilities. You’ll let your doctor or dentist do their examination and form their own opinion. Sure, it’s important to share your suspicions, and, especially, your symptoms, but if a diagnosis is right, the facts will guide the diagnosis, not the other way around.

In addition to making you more open to your doctor’s observations, having an agile mind will make it easier for you to recall other symptoms that might be important. Often, it’s the symptoms that you don’t think are connected that will lead to the accurate diagnosis.

You’ll Have the Energy to Act

When you’re stressed, going to the doctor or dentist can be draining. You are worn out, and it’s often all you can do to pick up a prescription.

But often there are other helpful suggestions you’ve been given that can dramatically improve your health. Lifestyle or diet changes can seem like so much work when you’re exhausted. You’ll start off postponing them, then never get around to making these crucial changes.

But when you leave your appointment energized, you’re ready to make the changes that you need to make to truly feel better.

When you put all this together, it’s easy to see how cutting stress out of your appointments can make you a better patient and lead to better care. To see the benefits of NuCalm for your health, please contact a NuCalm provider today.