One of the goals of dentists and doctors is to try to ensure their patients’ comfort during and after a procedure. One of the challenges in achieving that goal is that patients’ individual sense of pain can be highly variable. Now, it turns out, that personal pain sense may be linked to a person’s alpha brainwave frequency. Since NuCalm helps regulate a person’s alpha brainwaves, it may be an ideal tool for helping people with high pain susceptibility.

Brain Waves Reveal Pain Secret | Feel Better

Looking at Pain in the Brain

Researchers wanted to see if they could identify any characteristics of the brain function that correlated with personal pain perception. Some research has shown that genetic factors might be linked to pain susceptibility, but finding a tool for prediction has proven challenging. They hoped that resting brainwave activity might be a clue.

To test this, they recruited 21 individuals who all had their resting brainwave state measured with an electroencephalogram (EEG). Researchers exposed volunteers to a capsaicin paste. Capsaicin is the chemical that makes chili peppers hot. Participants were then asked to tell how much pain they felt. Those that felt the most pain tended to have lower alpha brainwaves during rest, and their brainwaves tended to decrease in frequency in response to the pain rather than increase.

They hope that their research will help doctors and dentists identify patients prone to higher pain perception so they can be giving extra care.

Not Your Average Alpha Waves

But linking pain perception to alpha waves gives us more potential insight: if you can change your alpha waves, you may be able to change your pain perception.

Changing your alpha waves is exactly what NuCalm does. Using your brain’s frequency following response, the precisely engineered neuroacoustic software controls the frequency of brainwaves you experience. NuCalm moves the frequency around to maximize healing and resets in the body’s system.

Your normal resting brainwave frequency may put you at risk for high subjective pain. But with NuCalm you may find that you’re less susceptible to pain, as well as better oriented toward healing and recovery.

Learn How NuCalm Can Help You

We are only beginning to understand the benefits of NuCalm when it comes to helping people after medical treatment. We know that it can reduce stress, control inflammation, and focus the body on healing. The result is not just a better experience, it’s better results from your treatment.

To learn how you might benefit from NuCalm, please contact a local NuCalm provider today.