NuCalm Can Help You Manage Stress and Play Your Best Golf

Golf is supposed to be a relaxing game. However, the truth is that many people experience high levels of stress before, during, and after playing golf. Ironically, this can be worse for recreational golf players.  Fortunately, there are ways to control your stress on the golf course, including NuCalm, [...]

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How Do I Stay Calm, Focused, and Pain-Free Before Marathon Season?

Fall is almost here. The leaves will fall, the weather will get cooler and, for many of us, that means it’s marathon season. Training for a marathon is tough, particularly if you’re training for your first. Anxiety before race day is real, and while some excited jitters here and there are normal and healthy, losing [...]

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How NuCalm Can Help Marathoners Train

One of the most difficult (and, some might say, misguided) fitness goals is getting ready for a marathon. The race is grueling on the body and mind. Getting yourself ready for it can be equally grueling, if not more so. To train for and race a marathon without hurting yourself takes a careful approach, and [...]

Coaches Can Benefit from NuCalm, Too

When we talk about the benefits of NuCalm for high-level athletes, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the system offers many different types of benefits for competitors. While some of these benefits are particularly beneficial to athletes, such as speeding physical recovery,there are many great reasons [...]