Autonomic Nervous System

Could NuCalm Someday Treat Parasomnias Like Sleepwalking?

For most of us, sleepwalking and other parasomnias mostly show up on TV or when people are on the spot and need an excuse for their midnight snacking. But for people who have these sleep disorders, the conditions are both disruptive and potentially dangerous. And the currently available treatments often involve drugs that have serious [...]

Inflammation: Bad or Good?

If you’ve spent much time researching healthy lifestyle modifications for your diet and exercise, you’ve probably come across repeated claims that a certain diet or lifestyle is anti-inflammatory, and that’s good. Because inflammation is, apparently, bad. But if you know anything about your body’s healing process, you also know that inflammation is a key step, [...]

How the Gag Reflex Works

One of the reasons why people seek out sedation dentistry is to calm their strong gag reflex. Having a strong gag reflex can make dental treatment very unpleasant. After all, the dentist and hygienist are constantly putting their hands and tools into your mouth. They have to reach all the way back to properly work [...]

Benefits of Parasympathetic Dominance

One of the great insights of the {{link id='58141' text='recently published scholarly article on NuCalm'}} is that it proves the system can quickly put your body into parasympathetic dominance. This is good for your body, and offers many benefits to your physical and mental health and wellbeing. All these benefits mean that you should choose [...]