Autonomic Nervous System

Will NuCalm Control My Sweating?

NuCalm is the only technology that’s been patented to help control or regulate the autonomic nervous system. Mostly, we focus on the autonomic nervous system’s role in triggering the “fight or flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system, but there are actually many other things that the autonomic nervous system does, [...]

What Is Relaxation?

NuCalm is an important step in helping people get the dental care they need. It marks the advent of “relaxation dentistry,” where people can go to the dentist and come out rested and invigorated, even if they otherwise have dental anxiety. But what is relaxation, and how does it work? The Opposite of Stress People [...]

The Effects of Low Blood Glucose on Sedation

We recently got a call from Dr. Liscio in Vermont concerning three IV sedation patients over a period of 5 or 6 weeks who were very difficult to manage. He called to see if we had any insight about these very difficult behaviors and what might be causing them.

Dr. G. Blake Holloway Explains How NuCalm Works

Dr. G Blake Holloway, the creator of NuCalm, offers a 3 minute explanation of how NuCalm balances the stress response and serves as a natural ‘feedback loop’ to the autonomic nervous system.