Benefits of NuCalm

Why You Should Incorporate NuCalm into Your Work-from-Home Routine

With isolation orders for the coronavirus increasing around the world and across the US, more people are being asked to work from home. This represents a new situation for many people, who are now struggling with the demands of their new work situation. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, NuCalm can [...]

Top Ten Reasons to Use NuCalm

There are myriad reasons to use NuCalm. Aside from more than 1.1 million dental patients being able to relax without drugs during their procedure, the people who are getting the most benefit from NuCalm are those who are using it themselves and gaining the cumulative benefits NuCalm can provide. In addition to clinicians, team members, [...]

Inflammation: Bad or Good?

If you’ve spent much time researching healthy lifestyle modifications for your diet and exercise, you’ve probably come across repeated claims that a certain diet or lifestyle is anti-inflammatory, and that’s good. Because inflammation is, apparently, bad. But if you know anything about your body’s healing process, you also know that inflammation is a key step, [...]

Practicing Self Care Doesn’t Have to Upend Your Schedule

It seems the buzz word of the last few years is “self care.” However, figuring out what self care means for you can be difficult, especially when it would appear that everyone around you has their own definition of it. With social media riddled with friends and acquaintances practicing self care techniques like going on [...]

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NuCalm and Hypochondria (Illness Anxiety Disorder)

NuCalm is a powerful tool to help people overcome health problems. For example, it can help people with dental anxiety overcome their anxiety so they can get the dental care they need to stay healthy. In addition, it can help people with cancer overcome their cancer-related anxiety