Top 10 NuCalm Milestones – 2016

2016 turned out to be a spectacular year for NuCalm.  We've chosen the Top 10 NuCalm Milestones from the past year and wish you and yours the very best in 2017! Completed the research, development, and patent process for the world’s most sophisticated biophysics and neuroacoustic software – engineered inside the new NuCalm soundtracks Launched NuCalm 2.0, a ... Read full story>>>

Dr. Hranicky Press Release

Janet Hranicky, Ph.D., an internationally renowned expert on the connection between psychoneuroimmunology and cancer, has added the patented NuCalm technology to her arsenal to help patients better cope with, and even fight cancer. Participants in Dr. Hranicky’s Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program (CCWP), a highly regarded health and education program, benefit from natural and holistic approaches ... Read full story>>>

NuCalm and Heart Rate Variability

This presentation was given by Jim Poole, CEO of Solace Lifesciences on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. It explains the data gathered on a variety of subjects including a cancer patient and a hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks. It demonstrates the profound effect that NuCalm has balancing the autonomic nervous system.

Using NuCalm to Comfort Chemotherapy Patients

A fascinating conversation with Dr. Rex Whiteman and Dr. G. Blake Holloway about chemotherapy and how NuCalm can help provide comfort for the patient and their loved ones.  (Recording time: 50 minutes)    Click below to download the MP3 file (49 MB) Download the clip here

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Helping Addiction, Obesity, and Chemotherapy with NuCalm

Going far beyond the subject of dental anxiety, this recording is a fascinating look at unique ways that healthcare practitioners can reach out to their local communities with NuCalm and assist people in need.  Covering topics that range from cancer radiation and chemotherapy to alcoholism, obesity, and PTSD, this conversation with Solace's Chief Science Officer Dr. ... Read full story>>>