NuCalm Components

Can NuCalm Help Treat SAD?

Although the radio might be telling you that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, for many of us, it’s the exact opposite. Now is the time when some of us are hit by seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD affects many people, triggering chronic depressive feelings brought on by the short days, lack of ... Read full story>>>

NuCalm Explainer: What Are Brainwaves?

We talk a lot about the role of brainwaves in controlling your mood and the function of your mind. We’ve discussed, for example, their role in the frequency following response (FFR), and how they respond to cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES). But we haven’t actually talked about what brainwaves are. ... Read full story>>>

Why NuCalm Is Better Than Just Music for Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common problem in the US. About 80% of Americans experience some degree of dental anxiety, from just tensing up in the chair to actually avoiding dental visits. Even with relatively mild anxiety, dental visits can become a very unpleasant experience. To try to help people have a more pleasant experience, many ... Read full story>>>

Is NuCalm “Natural”?

Many people are looking for natural alternatives to traditional dental approaches. The use of biomimetic materials and holistic dentistry techniques is flourishing in dental practices around the country. However, one area where natural dentists haven’t really been able to offer an alternative approach is with sedation dentistry. Instead, even many holistic dentists have continued to ... Read full story>>>

What Does GABA Do in the Body?

GABA is one of the key elements of NuCalm. We often talk about it being a natural part of your body’s function, but what does GABA do? How does it work in the brain? And how does supplementation help your body achieve relaxation with NuCalm. What Is GABA? GABA’s full name gamma ... Read full story>>>