NuCalm Recovery Lounge at the Toronto International Film Festival

Thanks to many of you who learned about NuCalm through experiencing it at a meeting somewhere around the world, we have built a phenomenon. Whether NuCalm helped you to erase jet lag, make up for lost sleep, recover from a hangover, or simply give you a needed reboot, the concept of hosting a “NuCalm Recovery [...]

Why Dentists Have Embraced NuCalm

One of the most remarkable parts of the NuCalm story is that dentists around the country have been eagerly embracing NuCalm in their dental practices. This has helped spread the technology around the country and helped us achieve over half a million NuCalm procedures performed. But why have dentists been so eager to add NuCalm [...]

Solace Lifesciences CEO James Poole to Speak on Benefits of NuCalm

As part of a nationwide awareness tour, James Poole, the CEO and president of Solace Lifesciences will be speaking at the XTech Expo 2016 on May 18. The panel is on new technologies that help promote physical and emotional wellbeing, and is entitled “Validated NeuroWellness: A New Frontier.” Increasing Awareness of NuCalm One of the [...]

Key Trends and Drivers for Dental in 2015

Based on feedback we receive from participants each year, these calls are the most popular dental event we host all year. Using extensive financial and demographic data, Jim explores the underlying trends that affect dentists in all area of the country and highlights the powerful forces driving change in consumer perceptions and buying behaviors.

Countdown: Top 10 Reasons to Use NuCalm: Reason #3 – Your Team

When your team thrives, so do you… Your team members drive your practice every day. They are in the trenches - dealing with the challenges of patient finances, scheduling, insurance reimbursement, anxious patients, and stressed out co-workers. But they’re also in the trenches at home taking care of friends and family – cooking, cleaning, caretaking, [...]