Soldier Hopeful Gift of NuCalm Will Help Overcome Drug Addiction

For many soldiers, serving their country comes at a terrible price to their bodies and minds. The rest of us should do what we can to pay veterans back for their service and help them manage the consequences of their injuries. And that’s what Wellington, FL NuCalm dentist Dr. Marianna Kaufman did. ... Read full story>>>

Hopefully People Learn from Viral Teeth Cleaning Videos

One of the strange phenomena of the Internet age is the surprising popularity of pimple-popping videos. Some of these videos have millions of views, which is hard to fathom for those of us who can’t stand these disgusting pieces of Internet marginalia. But there are actually many reasons why these videos are so popular--and some ... Read full story>>>

Advantages of Relaxation Dentistry

Laying on your back under a bright light, while a relative stranger puts their fingers and sharp metal objects in your mouth is anything but relaxing. Statistics from the A.D.A. report that 82% of patients experience some level of dental anxiety. Because this keeps them from getting necessary dental care, the industry has traditionally used pharmaceutical treatments for dental ... Read full story>>>

The 90 Minute MBA

CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION Jim Poole, MBA For the past several years, Jim Poole, CEO of Solace Lifesciences, has hosted an annual private conference call with our clients called "Key Trends and Drivers". Based on feedback we received from listeners, this is by far the most popular event we host each year. This year, In ... Read full story>>>