Alpha brainwave Frequency Linked to Pain Perception

One of the goals of dentists and doctors is to try to ensure their patients’ comfort during and after a procedure. One of the challenges in achieving that goal is that patients’ individual sense of pain can be highly variable. Now, it turns out, that personal pain sense may be linked to a person’s alpha [...]

NuCalm® Teams with XFN to Help Fighters Prepare, Perform, and Recover

You don’t really know extreme pressure or pain -- or how to prepare for and recover from it -- unless you’ve competed in professional mixed martial arts (MMA). That’s why Solace Lifesciences, the the maker of NuCalm®, a patented, clinically proven, drug-free stress intervention neuroscience technology, is teaming up with Xtreme Fighting Nation (XFN) to [...]

Sarah’s Story

I was born with an unusual talent. I could flip my feet behind my head. It wasn’t that I was just a little more flexible; it was that my hip bones were completely disconnected from my pelvis. My hips didn’t have the ball or the socket. My legs were limp excuses for limbs with talents only appropriate in a small town freak show.