Personal Experiences

NuCalm Testimonial for Insomnia: “IT WORKS!”

Falling asleep isn’t so easy for everyone. In fact, nearly one in four Americans struggle with insomnia. Stress, medications, anxiety, illnesses and other factors can lead to many people’s struggle to fall and stay asleep at night. Fortunately, there are lots of treatment options available to help people fall asleep fast and rest peacefully throughout [...]

Top Ten Reasons to Use NuCalm

There are myriad reasons to use NuCalm. Aside from more than 1.1 million dental patients being able to relax without drugs during their procedure, the people who are getting the most benefit from NuCalm are those who are using it themselves and gaining the cumulative benefits NuCalm can provide. In addition to clinicians, team members, [...]

How NuCalm Can Help Marathoners Train

One of the most difficult (and, some might say, misguided) fitness goals is getting ready for a marathon. The race is grueling on the body and mind. Getting yourself ready for it can be equally grueling, if not more so. To train for and race a marathon without hurting yourself takes a careful approach, and [...]

NuCalm Helps You Recover Faster to Train More Consistently

One of the challenges of training is that if you want to improve your performance, you have to push yourself hard, approaching your limit. However, after that kind of stressful workout, your body needs time to recover and consolidate the gains. When your body is recovering, you’re not training, which limits your ability to make [...]