Personal Experiences

Gary Takacs on The Thriving Dentist Show About NuCalm

If you like neuroscience you are going to LOVE this Thriving Dentist Show interview. Let’s face it, the most complex, unpredictable and unreliable part of dentistry is the patient! In this Show, Gary interviews Jim Poole on the science behind an all-natural, drug-free stress intervention solution for patients that improves clinical outcomes and can be [...]

Sarah’s Story

I was born with an unusual talent. I could flip my feet behind my head. It wasn’t that I was just a little more flexible; it was that my hip bones were completely disconnected from my pelvis. My hips didn’t have the ball or the socket. My legs were limp excuses for limbs with talents only appropriate in a small town freak show.

Who is Using NuCalm?

As you may know from an article by Business Insider, the man himself — Tony Robbins — is also a big fan of the NuCalm system. Because when you have a schedule as demanding as his, and time is the ultimate premium, finding an effective way to rejuvenate and refresh your body can be one of the best tools in your arsenal.

The Chicago Blackhawks Raise the Stanley Cup… AGAIN!

The Chicago Blackhawks have done it again... Stanley Cup Champions! Since the Chicago Blackhawks started using NuCalm in 2013 for muscle recovery, healing, improved sleep quality, stress management, and focus, they have accomplished the following: Won the Stanley Cup in 2015 Won the Stanley Cup in 2013 Won the President’s Trophy in 2013 (best regular season [...]

Dr. G. Blake Holloway Explains How NuCalm Works

Dr. G Blake Holloway, the creator of NuCalm, offers a 3 minute explanation of how NuCalm balances the stress response and serves as a natural ‘feedback loop’ to the autonomic nervous system.