Benefits of Parasympathetic Dominance

One of the great insights of the {{link id='58141' text='recently published scholarly article on NuCalm'}} is that it proves the system can quickly put your body into parasympathetic dominance. This is good for your body, and offers many benefits to your physical and mental health and wellbeing. All these benefits mean that you should choose ... Read full story>>>

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NuCalm May Help Serviceman Overcome Crippling Stress

Service in the military and the police involves subjecting oneself to physical and mental stresses that can overwhelm even the strongest person. These people evidence a superhuman will to continue to face these horrors, but despite their will, they may often suffer as a result of the strain. It’s important to ensure that these people ... Read full story>>>

6 Reasons to Switch from Sedation Dentistry to NuCalm

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you might have been relying on sedation dentistry just to get your dental work done. It works, but it’s certainly not ideal. You’ll probably be delighted to know that there is a drug-free alternative to sedation dentistry, one that is certainly ideal. Here are six ways ... Read full story>>>

How Stress Management Can Improve Your Health

Although NuCalm is often used as a tool to manage acute anxiety related to dental visits, there are many other potential uses of the tool. It can be used to help people get better sleep, and it can improve creativity. But it’s perhaps as a stress management tool that ... Read full story>>>

Why NuCalm Is Better Than Just Music for Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common problem in the US. About 80% of Americans experience some degree of dental anxiety, from just tensing up in the chair to actually avoiding dental visits. Even with relatively mild anxiety, dental visits can become a very unpleasant experience. To try to help people have a more pleasant experience, many ... Read full story>>>