Inflammation: Bad or Good?

If you’ve spent much time researching healthy lifestyle modifications for your diet and exercise, you’ve probably come across repeated claims that a certain diet or lifestyle is anti-inflammatory, and that’s good. Because inflammation is, apparently, bad. But if you know anything about your body’s healing process, you also know that inflammation is a key step, [...]

A Vacation Won’t Fix Your Burnout, but NuCalm Can 

For most of human history, people have naturally followed seasonal patterns. As hunter-gatherers, there were times when we worked hard and other times when we found natural opportunities to rest. It was similar for agricultural societies, where planting and harvest seasons were hectic, but other times were comparatively light in terms of workload.  It’s only [...]

NuCalm Shines During TODAY Appearance

If you are looking to improve yourself this spring, then relaxation is a great choice. Improving your ability to relax can dramatically improve your efficiency. By increasing your relaxation efficiency, you can not only have more time for all the things in your busy day, you can execute more effectively all day [...]

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