Relaxation That Doesn’t Take You Out of the Action

We all know how important relaxation can be, but that doesn’t always make it easier to set aside time for it in our busy schedule. It often feels like we’re running a race, and if we don't always run as fast as we can, we fall behind. But the truth is that ... Read full story>>>

NuCalm Shines During TODAY Appearance

If you are looking to improve yourself this spring, then relaxation is a great choice. Improving your ability to relax can dramatically improve your efficiency. By increasing your relaxation efficiency, you can not only have more time for all the things in your busy day, you can execute more effectively all day ... Read full story>>>

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Should Your Office Have a NuCalm System?

It used to be that napping on the job was one of the worst possible offenses. Nothing would get you fired faster than dozing off at your desk. And while a famous Seinfeld episode was built around George realizing the dream of a napping space at work, most people saw this as an impossible fantasy. ... Read full story>>>

Benefits of Parasympathetic Dominance

One of the great insights of the {{link id='58141' text='recently published scholarly article on NuCalm'}} is that it proves the system can quickly put your body into parasympathetic dominance. This is good for your body, and offers many benefits to your physical and mental health and wellbeing. All these benefits mean that you should choose ... Read full story>>>

Why NuCalm Is the Best Way to Relieve Holiday Stress

The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time, but for many of us they are actually very stressful. For some people, they can be so stressful that you might feel overwhelmed. You might lash out at the people you love. You might eat or drink too much to try to compensate for the stress. ... Read full story>>>