How NuCalm Helps You Maximize Energy on Long Summer Days

One of the best things about summer is the long days. They go on forever, and there’s so much time to do all the things you want to do. If you have the energy to do them. That’s the downside of the summer days: with more time to do stuff and less time to sleep, [...]

NuCalm Helps You Recover Faster to Train More Consistently

One of the challenges of training is that if you want to improve your performance, you have to push yourself hard, approaching your limit. However, after that kind of stressful workout, your body needs time to recover and consolidate the gains. When your body is recovering, you’re not training, which limits your ability to make [...]

How NuCalm Can Help You Enjoy Spring

Spring is a time of renewal for the world. Many people engage in spring rituals, like spring cleaning and gardening that help them take part in the renewal. There are good reasons to make NuCalm part of your spring ritual so that you can enjoy the restorative effects. Here’s what NuCalm can [...]

Stress, Sleep, and Healing: How NuCalm Helps You Heal

If you’ve suffered an injury or you’re undergoing a medical procedure like surgery, you’re probably concerned with how to minimize your recovery time and improve your results. The good news is that NuCalm can help you manage your stress and sleep so you can feel better faster. Stress Slows [...]

NuCalm’s Exercise Benefits Are for Everyone

Elite athletes use NuCalm as part of their workout routine because it helps them achieve their best. But the truth is that everyone can benefit from using NuCalm as part of their routine. Whether you’re semi-pro, seeking your personal best, or just exercising to get and stay in shape, [...]

NuCalm May Help Serviceman Overcome Crippling Stress

Service in the military and the police involves subjecting oneself to physical and mental stresses that can overwhelm even the strongest person. These people evidence a superhuman will to continue to face these horrors, but despite their will, they may often suffer as a result of the strain. It’s important to ensure that these people [...]

How NuCalm Can Make Your Workouts More Productive

NuCalm is more than just a stress reliever, it’s a biohack that can make you more productive at virtually everything you do. Timing NuCalm sessions around your workouts can help you get the most out of the activities so that you perform your best, enjoy workouts more, reduce risk of injury, and incorporate routines into [...]

NuCalm Shines at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival

This past weekend, Jim Poole, the CEO of Solace Lifesciences got the opportunity to speak about the intersection between mental and physical health at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. Speaking alongside Michael Galitzer, MD, coauthor of A New Calm, Poole was able to highlight some of the healing benefits of NuCalm’s patented technology. Health Is [...]

NuCalm® Teams with XFN to Help Fighters Prepare, Perform, and Recover

You don’t really know extreme pressure or pain -- or how to prepare for and recover from it -- unless you’ve competed in professional mixed martial arts (MMA). That’s why Solace Lifesciences, the the maker of NuCalm®, a patented, clinically proven, drug-free stress intervention neuroscience technology, is teaming up with Xtreme Fighting Nation (XFN) to [...]