NuCalm Can Help You Manage Stress and Play Your Best Golf

Golf is supposed to be a relaxing game. However, the truth is that many people experience high levels of stress before, during, and after playing golf. Ironically, this can be worse for recreational golf players.  Fortunately, there are ways to control your stress on the golf course, including NuCalm, [...]

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Could NuCalm Control The Hulk?

The events of Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame have changed our understanding of The Hulk, showing how hard it is for Banner to coexist with his id monster. Although he seems somewhat at peace now, we have to ask:  Could a device like NuCalm control this green rage monster and [...]

Practicing Self Care Doesn’t Have to Upend Your Schedule

It seems the buzz word of the last few years is “self care.” However, figuring out what self care means for you can be difficult, especially when it would appear that everyone around you has their own definition of it. With social media riddled with friends and acquaintances practicing self care techniques like going on [...]

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The Least Stressful Jobs of 2019

Stress, it seems, is omnipresent in modern life. And for most of us the majority of our stress comes from our jobs. So, if you’re trying to cut down on stress in your life, maybe you should consider switching to one of these least stressful jobs. How Stressfulness Was Rated The job rating was performed [...]

A Vacation Won’t Fix Your Burnout, but NuCalm Can 

For most of human history, people have naturally followed seasonal patterns. As hunter-gatherers, there were times when we worked hard and other times when we found natural opportunities to rest. It was similar for agricultural societies, where planting and harvest seasons were hectic, but other times were comparatively light in terms of workload.  It’s only [...]

Why Your Summer Vacation Isn’t as Relaxing as You Wish

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. We leave behind the workday world and find ourselves in a place where we can choose how to spend our days. This should let us leave behind our stress so we can truly relax. But it isn’t that simple. Sometimes your vacation can be very stressful, [...]

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Should Your Office Have a NuCalm System?

It used to be that napping on the job was one of the worst possible offenses. Nothing would get you fired faster than dozing off at your desk. And while a famous Seinfeld episode was built around George realizing the dream of a napping space at work, most people saw this as an impossible fantasy. [...]

NuCalm Makes a Difference for a Cancer Survivor

We’d like to take a moment to highlight one important fact: NuCalm can make a real difference in people’s lives. It can be applied in many different situations to control stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and improve health. And one of the situations where these benefits can make the biggest difference is [...]

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