How Being a Better Patient Leads to Better Care

One of the most exciting things about NuCalm is its ability to transform lives. And one of the biggest life transformations that people get from NuCalm is changing their relationship to their healthcare providers. Many people find going to the doctor, and especially the dentist to be a stressful experience. But NuCalm ... Read full story>>>

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NuCalm May Help Serviceman Overcome Crippling Stress

Service in the military and the police involves subjecting oneself to physical and mental stresses that can overwhelm even the strongest person. These people evidence a superhuman will to continue to face these horrors, but despite their will, they may often suffer as a result of the strain. It’s important to ensure that these people ... Read full story>>>

How NuCalm Helps You Maintain Work-Life Balance

Getting to where you are has been a tough climb. Just staying here takes everything you’ve got--and you’re not content to stay here--you’ve got your sights set on even more. But life isn’t a simple journey from point A to point B, and while you’ve been climbing, you’ve also taken many diversions. Love, family, maybe ... Read full story>>>

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Stressed? NuCalm Is Better Relief Than Alcohol

We all have stress in our lives. Modern life is stressful, with the sheer amount and pacing of demands on us, as well as all the information we have available to us to try to make the best decisions about how to respond to those demands, it’s hard not to be stressed on a daily ... Read full story>>>

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How NuCalm Can Make Your Workouts More Productive

NuCalm is more than just a stress reliever, it’s a biohack that can make you more productive at virtually everything you do. Timing NuCalm sessions around your workouts can help you get the most out of the activities so that you perform your best, enjoy workouts more, reduce risk of injury, and incorporate routines into ... Read full story>>>

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