Managing Jet Lag

Scientifically, it's known as circadian dischronism, but most of us just call it 'jet lag'. We all know it makes you feel 'off your game' and disrupts sleeping patterns, but here is a closer look at what causes it. Anyone who uses NuCalm when traveling knows it does an exceptional job of alleviating the stress of jet lag and quickly restores order to your body rhythms and timing mechanisms. A 45-minute NuCalm session is proven to restore homeostasis of the autonomic nervous system and quickly resets your biological clocks.

Countdown: Top 10 Reasons to Use NuCalm: Reason #8 – Travel

NuCalm is a great tool for dealing with the stress and challenges of traveling.  Don’t leave home (or stay home) without it. If you are traveling over the holidays –NuCalm is a great tool to help you stay balanced. Airline travel presents challenges before, during, and after the flight. Clearing airport security or customs, boarding [...]