Introducing NuCalm 2.0

NuCalm 2.0 is here! You may have thought that NuCalm couldn’t get any better. After all, it’s the only technology patented to balance and maintain the health of the human Autonomic Nervous System. That’s your involuntary nervous system. In other words, NuCalm gives us control over your involuntary nervous system for the first [...]

Dr. Hranicky Press Release

Janet Hranicky, Ph.D., an internationally renowned expert on the connection between psychoneuroimmunology and cancer, has added the patented NuCalm technology to her arsenal to help patients better cope with, and even fight cancer. Participants in Dr. Hranicky’s Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program (CCWP), a highly regarded health and education program, benefit from natural and holistic approaches [...]

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AFC 24 to Feature NuCalm

From last night's AFC 24 weigh-in event, pictured left to right: Jerry Lail, Jordan "Jay" Adams, David Poole, Chris Deveau, Jackie Campisi, and Greg Culver. Courtesy of Brawl Call https://www.facebook.com/brawlcall/ and Absolute Fighting Championship https://www.facebook.com/AFCFlorida/ NuCalm will be featured during the main event tonight in south Florida.

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Best Source for 9V Alkaline Batteries for CES Unit

Feeding the Battery Monster The NuCalm CES device can go through 9v batteries like the Cookie Monster goes through chocolate chip cookies. We have had calls on a number of technical issues concerning the CES device. Almost without exception, the troubleshooting singled out the source of the problem: defective batteries. Due to the inconsistent life and [...]

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