Become a Certified NuCalm® Provider (CNP)

The CNP Program is a turn-key marketing campaign featuring NuCalm as a key business differentiator. You receive a powerful and effective set of marketing tools that let you showcase what you’ve always known, but haven’t been able to express until now: just how unique and exceptional you are as a dentist. The exclusive CNP Program is specifically designed to trigger organic business growth so you can better focus on what you do best — dentistry.

Your patients might not remember what you say, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. Let’s be honest – there is nothing fun or interesting about sitting through a dental procedure. When you provide an unexpected and unusually comfortable dental experience, people take notice. And when they do, things begin to change.

Their Hero Dentist

When your patients leave their appointment feeling better than when they arrived, they’ll rave to their friends about their experience with you – their hero dentist.

What do you get as a Certified NuCalm Provider?

Your patients know you are great at taking care of their mouths. Now, let them know what you can do for their lives. As a Certified NuCalm Provider, you will have a set of comprehensive marketing assets that reinforce how valuable your patients are to you and clearly separates you from your competition.

  • Geolocator: Give patients a new way to find you, and to see that you’re part of an exclusive community. The Geolocator also boosts your Google ranking and increases your online relevancy.
  • Website Content: Persuasive messaging for your website, so you can make the NuCalm advantage an integral part of your brand.
  • Press Release: Alert the media that you’re on the cutting edge of dentistry, providing a unique service to your community that goes beyond oral health.
  • Facebook Ads: Promotional advertising to get the message out to the right audience about your special offers. Specific, targeted and measurable so you can see how your promotions are tracking.
  • Video Content: Promote your special advantage with videos that reinforce your focus on patient comfort and wellness.
  • In-Practice Promotions: Let the community know that you offer something other dentists don’t with these window decals, patient stickers and referral cards to spread the word about your practice.
  • Stress Avenger Toolkit:  One bottle of NuCalm cream, 60 sets of neuropatches, three CNP window decals, 100 “Stress Avenger” stickers, and printed patient education materials.

& the best part of your hero status…

You get to donate the gift of a NuCalm system to someone in your community with who needs your help.

We developed this program so you can be a HERO to someone in your community. This program enables you and your team to gift a NuCalm to any person in your community who can really use your help to improve their life. NuCalm is an amazing technology that provides significant benefits to people struggling with chronic stress, disease, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, or caring for someone in need.

“When my best friend in life was diagnosed with cancer, without hesitation I sent her the only gift I could think of that would make a difference. I gave her NuCalm. NuCalm is the one tool that helps her rest, relax, and regenerate. The power of what it can do is something every person fighting cancer should experience.”

— Dr. Heidi Dickerson, President LVI Global

“NuCalm has been an important part of my journey to wellness. It allows me to fully rest, recover and heal after difficult treatments. More importantly, it allows me precious time during the day to give my mind and body a break.

When I use NuCalm, it’s the ONLY time I don’t think about cancer.”
— Gail Zeamer

Let’s work together to make a
profound impact on someone’s life.

NuCalm Giveaway

Press Releases

Alert the media that you’re on the cutting edge of dentistry, providing a unique service to your community that goes beyond oral health.

Being a Hero

The gift of giving feels even better when you can change someone’s life. It’s an experience you and your team will not forget.

Media Coverage

Everyone appreciates a “feel good” story, especially the media. Being featured on your local news affiliate is a great way to differentiate your dental practice.

We designed this program to showcase your virtues of being different, providing an excellent service, and, most importantly, caring about the people you are committed to serving. Helping a person or family in need is going to make you and your team feel great. Our job is to ensure your community knows about the good work you are doing. Here is how this works:

  1. We develop and execute a media plan for several weeks, building awareness and buzz about your practice.
  2. We then launch a media campaign featuring your NuCalm giveaway to the recipient you select.
  3. You host an event where you gift the NuCalm unit.
  4. We develop and distribute a press release the morning of the giveaway event.
  5. We hire a professional photographer to capture the moment.
  6. We develop and distribute a press release several days post event featuring quotes and photographs from the event.
  7. We train and support the person who receives your NuCalm gift.

What will the Certified NuCalm Provider program do for you?

The exclusive CNP Program is specifically designed to help you stand out in your market and grow your business so you can focus on providing the best dentistry for your patients.

The CNP program was built to help your practice:

  • Build patient trust and loyalty
  • Differentiate your practice from competitors
  • Generate new referrals
  • Increase patient retention
  • Convert more treatment plans
  • Make more efficient use of your time
  • Schedule emergency patients with ease
  • Increase the value of your practice
  • Work better as a team with your staff
  • Thrive, not just survive, in an age of corporate dentistry
  • Get the recognition you deserve

When you become a Certified NuCalm Provider, you become part of a community of leading dentists — professionals dedicated to improving the overall experience and well-being of their patients.

Here is what dental patients have to say about NuCalm

Leverage NuCalm to differentiate you from your competition.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen thousands of people in many industries having great success using NuCalm, but we’ve been blown away by the success it has helped our dental clients create in their practices.

We noticed many of our dentist clients were coming back for multiple systems because it creates a huge unique differentiator for them in their market. With their schedules filling up, they needed to accommodate the demand. Now NuCalm has become their favorite marketing tool!

We knew how valuable NuCalm would be for dentistry and the market feedback has proved it – with over 700,000 dental patients experiencing a unique, relaxing NuCalm appointment with over 95% satisfaction. But when a patient tells a NuCalm dentist, “who knew that having a root canal would be the most relaxing part of my day,” we know we are changing the dental profession.

The Certified NuCalm Provider program makes it easy for you to differentiate your practice in your community, and it’s simple… we do most of the work.

Who’s using NuCalm?

NuCalm has been used by over 700,000 dental patients with over 95% satisfaction. NuCalm is also being used by 31 professional sports teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga. The Chicago Blackhawks credit NuCalm with helping the win the 2013 and 2015 Stanley Cup Championships. Experts in the fields of oncology, plastic surgery, addictive disease, psychotherapy, medical weight loss, private jet pilots, celebrities, and top executives use NuCalm to lower stress and improve performance.

“I am being told by patients that this is the best dental visit they’ve ever had. NuCalm has made an incredible impact on my practice. Working on a relaxed patient allows the entire office to be in a complete state of calm.” – David A. Smith, DDS

NuCalm was awarded a perfect 5.0 rating from Dental Product Shopper.

(This is a big deal! Including NuCalm there have only been two perfect 5.0 ratings out of their 3,154 products reviewed!)

Word is spreading through the dental community about NuCalm’s perfect 5.0 rating by Dental Product Shopper. This rating was done by a group of your peers who have been using NuCalm for at least 4 months – selected at random by DPS.

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