Become a Certified NuCalm® Provider (CNP)

The CNP Program is a turn-key marketing campaign featuring NuCalm as a key business differentiator. You receive a powerful and effective set of marketing tools that let you showcase what you’ve always known, but haven’t been able to express until now: just how unique and exceptional you are as a dentist. The exclusive CNP Program is specifically designed to trigger organic business growth so you can better focus on what you do best — dentistry.

Your patients might not remember what you say, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. Let’s be honest – there is nothing fun or interesting about sitting through a dental procedure. When you provide an unexpected and unusually comfortable dental experience, people take notice. And when they do, things begin to change.

Their Hero Dentist

When your patients leave their appointment feeling better than when they arrived, they’ll rave to their friends about their experience with you – their hero dentist.

What do you get as a Certified NuCalm Provider?

Your patients know you are great at taking care of their mouths. Now, let them know what you can do for their lives. As a Certified NuCalm Provider, you will have a set of comprehensive marketing assets that reinforce how valuable your patients are to you and clearly separates you from your competition.

  • Geolocator: Give patients a new way to find you, and to see that you’re part of an exclusive community. The Geolocator also boosts your Google ranking and increases your online relevancy.
  • Website Content: Persuasive messaging for your website, so you can make the NuCalm advantage an integral part of your brand.
  • Press Release: Alert the media that you’re on the cutting edge of dentistry, providing a unique service to your community that goes beyond oral health.
  • Facebook Ads: Promotional advertising to get the message out to the right audience about your special offers. Specific, targeted and measurable so you can see how your promotions are tracking.
  • Video Content: Promote your special advantage with videos that reinforce your focus on patient comfort and wellness.
  • In-Practice Promotions: Let the community know that you offer something other dentists don’t with these window decals, patient stickers and referral cards to spread the word about your practice.
  • Stress Avenger Toolkit:  One bottle of NuCalm cream, 60 sets of neuropatches, three CNP window decals, 100 “Stress Avenger” stickers, and printed patient education materials.

& the best part of your hero status…

You get to donate the gift of a NuCalm system to someone in your community with who needs your help.

We developed this program so you can be a HERO to someone in your community. This program enables you and your team to gift a NuCalm to any person in your community who can really use your help to improve their life. NuCalm is an amazing technology that provides significant benefits to people struggling with chronic stress, disease, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, or caring for someone in need.

“When my best friend in life was diagnosed with cancer, without hesitation I sent her the only gift I could think of that would make a difference. I gave her NuCalm. NuCalm is the one tool that helps her rest, relax, and regenerate. The power of what it can do is something every person fighting cancer should experience.”

— Dr. Heidi Dickerson, President LVI Global

“NuCalm has been an important part of my journey to wellness. It allows me to fully rest, recover and heal after difficult treatments. More importantly, it allows me precious time during the day to give my mind and body a break.

When I use NuCalm, it’s the ONLY time I don’t think about cancer.”
— Gail Zeamer

Let’s work together to make a
profound impact on someone’s life.

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Press Releases

Alert the media that you’re on the cutting edge of dentistry, providing a unique service to your community that goes beyond oral health.