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Chris Deveau D.C.

NuCalm Chiropractor in Groton, CT

Chris Deveau is a NuCalm chiropractor practicing at East-West Chiropractic in Groton, CT. He is happy to add NuCalm to his practice because it helps him achieve his goal of whole person wellness. It also helps him achieve one of the chief areas of concern in his practice: stress management. NuCalm is a tool like no other for stress management.

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Chris Deveau D.C.

Dr. Chris Deveau is a chiropractic specialist in Groton, CT. He has over 21 years experience practicing in chiropractic care and related procedures. This includes physiotherapy, nutrition counseling, and instruction in proper exercise techniques. He received his DC from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He maintains professional affiliations that help ensure he remains at the forefront of chiropractic care, including the Connecticut Chiropractic Association and the Connecticut Chiropractic Council. He has also continued to get education in his discipline, with hundreds of hours of continuing education in clinical neurology, clinical nutrition, and physical rehabilitation.

How Stress Impacts Your Spinal Health

Stress is a pandemic in America. According to a recent stress survey, 34% of adults reported that their stress levels had increased over the past year. Nearly a quarter of all Americans (24%) reported that their stress levels were 8 or higher on a 10-point scale, and nearly a third (31%) said that stress had a strong or very strong negative impact on physical health. About the same (32%) reported strong or very strong negative impact on their mental and emotional health.

Those numbers represent the very real burden people face in trying to deal with stress in their lives. And one of the places where people feel the impact of stress most is in their spine, with neck and back pain.

Stress leads to muscle tension, and muscle tension can turn into pain. When you tense your muscles constantly they become sore. And because they may pull in an imbalanced way, they can cause the spine to flex out of proper alignment. This leads to pressure on the nerves as they emerge from the spine, which can cause either pain or tingling and numbness in the areas served by these nerves.

This not only leads to initial pain, it can make it harder for your body to respond to treatment. Adjustments are less likely to hold when they’re being pulled out of alignment by stressed muscles.

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NuCalm Offers Optimal Stress Relief

The problem many of us have with stress is that we can’t avoid it. No matter what we think, no matter what anyone says to calm us, and no matter what we do stress can return. It’s an involuntary bodily response that we can’t control with our brains.

But just because you can’t control it with your brain doesn’t mean it can’t be controlled. NuCalm is a technology that allows us to do just that: we can regulate the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which includes the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Although the ANS is essentially an involuntary nervous system, NuCalm allows us to control it using neuroscience techniques that influence its function.

NuCalm, essentially, gives us the power to switch off your stress response. This allows you to experience a truly relaxing experience that you never thought possible. It mimics the processes of deep meditation, but without the years of practice that it takes for people to become skilled meditators. As a result, the experience of NuCalm is deeply refreshing, and an ideal complement to chiropractic treatment and stress or lifestyle counseling. It allows you to hit the “reset” button on your brain and start fresh for a better treatment experience and better treatment results.