NuCalm costs will vary significantly depending on many factors, including the location of the office where the procedure is performed, the cost of competing treatments, and the pricing practices of individual dentists.

Because of these factors, we can’t give a specific quote on the costs of NuCalm. For a specific NuCalm quote, please contact a local NuCalm dentist today for a consultation.

Benefits of NuCalm

When we consider the benefits of NuCalm, the cost is quite reasonable.

NuCalm is a technology with many benefits for dental patients that justify the cost of the procedure. Not only can it relieve anxiety for many patients, but even for those without dental anxiety, it can provide a more positive dental experience. Dental patients may experience true relaxation during their visit, which can come with many benefits. They can feel re-energized, creative, and have a more positive mood when leaving the dentist office than when they came in. Many dentists have reported that patients recover faster and have fewer complications when they use NuCalm than when they have treatment without NuCalm.

How Dentists Decide How Much to Charge for NuCalm

Dentists also experience benefits from NuCalm. Working with more relaxed and comfortable patients makes for a less stressful and more rewarding workday. It also helps dentists complete their work more quickly. And it allows them to focus on performing their best dental work without worrying about an anxious patient. Some dentists see this as valuable enough that they will provide the service at a discount or even for free. Dentists may offer NuCalm free with longer, more complicated treatments, but have a charge for NuCalm in conjunction with shorter procedures.

Some dentists may price NuCalm comparable to sedation dentistry because they want you to choose the best treatment rather than simply the cheaper one. Other dentists believe that patients cannot truly appreciate the benefits of NuCalm until they have tried it, and may offer NuCalm free or at reduced cost at first, but increase the cost later.

Does Insurance Cover NuCalm?

Currently, no dental insurance companies list coverage for NuCalm. It is likely considered an optional treatment, comparable to a luxury or cosmetic procedure.

Variability in the Cost of Dental Work

One reason why we cannot give specific quotes about the cost of NuCalm is that the costs of dental procedures vary widely across the country. We could give a range of costs, but if they were inclusive of the costs your dentist might charge, the range might not seem useful.

Let’s look at a couple of examples in the USA using the database of RealSelf, a website where people share information about their experience with various cosmetic procedures, including cosmetic dentistry. Smile makeovers with porcelain veneers have an average cost of about $7000, but that includes a range that goes from about $275 to $29,000. Straightening teeth with Invisalign has an average cost of about $5000 and a much smaller range, from about $3000 to $8500.

As you can see, costs vary widely around the country and worldwide. NuCalm costs will likely be a fraction of that for either of these procedures, ranging from free to about $500.

The only way to get a reliable quote about the cost of NuCalm in your area is to talk to a local NuCalm dentist about their pricing practices.