David Cook BChD

London Holistic Dental Centre

40-41 Wimpole Street Suite 3
London, England W1G 8AB


David Cook BChD

NuCalm Dentist Dr. David Cook takes a holistic approach to treating his dental clients. The goal is more than just dental health: it’s health, happiness, and beauty for the whole person. NuCalm is a great addition to his practice because it allows clients to have a more relaxed and comfortable experience, which not only makes dental visits easier, it contributes to a healthier life.

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David Cook BChD

David Cook (BChD) qualified at Leeds University in 1987. Since then he has been in general practice, and currently serves as the principal at London Holistic Dental Center. He spends a great deal of time on postgraduate professional development, constantly seeking to expand his practice, particularly related to his special interests such as aesthetic dentistry, minimally invasive treatment, bite problems, headaches, and major dental rehabilitation. In addition, he encourages all his staff to pursue professional development that helps the practice remain at the forefront of dental science. David has received very elite training in many areas, such as his orthodontic studies with Dr. Derek Mahony, one of the foremost international specialist educators. David has also received advanced training–including hands-on casework–at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI).

Many of David’s special interests go beyond just ensuring dental health, so they fit well with the holistic thrust of his current practice. NuCalm fits well into this practice, helping his dental clients to achieve a truly relaxed state when they are in his dental chair. This not only helps clients overcome anxiety, it can be genuinely therapeutic for clients with bite problems related to muscle tension, which can manifest following dental visits.

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The Need for NuCalm in London

London is one of the major hubs of the global economy, so maintaining the health and attractiveness of our national smiles is important not just to our citizens, but to our perceived place in the world. Regular dental visits are critical to ensuring oral health. And oral health is a vital foundation for overall health, both in the present and the future. Investing in preventive dental care pays important dividends at the local and national levels.

Unfortunately, just 63% of Londoners saw their dentist in the last two years, including both private and NHS dentists. Although some people can go as much as two years between dental visits, most people would benefit from visiting their dentist twice a year.

So, why aren’t people going to the dentist? One of the most important reasons is that people simply don’t like going to the dentist. And this is understandable. Dental visits can be stressful, with the combination of bright lights, being in a prone position, and having a dentist lean over one.

Why NuCalm Is Ideal for London

NuCalm is a great solution to the problem. Of people not wanting to visit the dentist. It disengages the stress response and helps people enjoy a restful, meditative state. You’re not asleep, you’re merely resting. There are no drugs, so you’re completely responsive. And you can get up and leave the practice immediately after your appointment–you don’t have to wait for the effects to wear off.

Being drug-free is important, too. With about 20 prescriptions filled each year for people in the UK, we are already highly medicated. Every additional medication represents an increased risk of unintended interactions. So being able to provide this level of relaxation without drugs is an important benefit for dental clients in London.

If you want to learn how NuCalm can help you have a more restful and therapeutic dental visit, please contact the London Holistic Dental Centre.