David Walters, DO, PhD, MBA


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David Walters, DO, PhD, MBA

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NuCalm provider Dr. David L. Walters sees NuCalm as an essential tool in his wellcare armamentarium. Dr. Walters is an iconoclast who is working to bring down the system of modern medicine, which he calls sickcare because it only seeks to care for people who are sick, then treat the symptoms. Instead, Dr. Walters wants to promote wellness in his patients, and he sees NuCalm as a valuable way to do that.

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David Walters, DO, PhD, MBA

NuCalm Provider Dr. Walters

Dr. Walters has more than 35 years’ experience in the medical field. He has worked with traditional doctors and served as a physician. He has even seen “how the sausage is made” as the chief financial officer and chief executive officer of a hospital. He even served as the executive director of a cooperative organization of 13 rural hospitals.

But when he saw the results of this type of medical practice, both for its patients and for its practitioners, he knew he wanted to make a change. This includes its effects on himself. When he looked at a picture of himself fat, bloated, out of shape, with no energy at age 40, he knew that the change had to start with himself. Already a PhD holder in reproductive endocrinology, he went back to school to earn his license as a doctor of osteopathy (DO). With this degree, he started his current trajectory, moving from a family practice doctor to an integrative medicine physician to a wellcare medicine practitioner focusing on the concept of ultimatewellness. And he has integrated NuCalm as an essential tool in this process.

What Is UltimateWellness?

Ultimatewellness is Dr. Walter’s concept of the ideal aspiration for human health. It means being at the highest degree of  the state of being healthy through deliberate effort.

Achieving the state of ultimatewellness , Dr. Walters says, helps people feel younger, sexier, stronger, and more alive–at any age.

There are 8 essential elements of Ulimatewellness:

Metabolism: Making sure your body is able to maximize its utilization of the nutrients it takes in.

Hormones: Ensuring the body’s regulatory signals are optimizing bodily functions.

Detoxification: Removing environmental toxins that interfere with optimal function from the body .

Nutrition: Giving the body all the nutrients for optimal function through a healthy balance of foods.

Supplementation: Recognizing that foods alone do not provide all necessary elements for optimal function and supplying what is lacking.

Joint Mobility: Joints can lose their flexibility through age and through disuse, but mobility can be maintained through wellness practices.

Fitness: Muscles are a vital part of the properly functioning body and need to be built up and maintained.

Anti Anxiety Treatment: Relaxation and sleep restoration with NuCalm.

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