DPS 5.0 Badge

DPS Evaluation Results Snapshot

NuCalm earned a perfect 5.0 peer-to-peer product evaluation score from Dental Product Shopper – published in the November 2016 issue.

From the review:  For this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, we asked for input from a random sampling of dentists who have been using NuCalm for at least six months. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback and many comments like this one from Dr. Smith: “To be honest, I would hate to do dentistry without NuCalm.”

In Dental Product Shopper’s 10-year history, they have peer-evaluated 3,154 dental products. Of these, only 10% have received the “BEST PRODUCT” designation with a 4.2 score or higher and only one other product has earned a perfect 5.0, which was a GPS locator app back in 2011.

NuCalm continues to help dentists solve the problem of patient fear, stress, and anxiety with the world’s only patented technology clinically proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs.


With all the dentists rating their overall satisfaction as excellent, NuCalm earned a perfect score in this DPS evaluation. “NuCalm is a game-changer,” Dr. Abeles remarked. “It is an amazing tool to utilize to quickly and predictably place patients in a relaxed state without having to resort to drugs.”