A Gallop Poll from November, 2012 had interesting insights on how various professions are viewed by the general public for their honesty and ethical standards.  Leading the field of selected professions were nurses.  85% of those surveyed rated their honesty and ethical standards either high or very high.

Even though over 60 million people in the U.S. avoid dentists, it is not out of lack of respect.  Dentists ranked 5th highest among the 22 professions in the survey and 62% of those surveyed considered their standards ‘high’ or ‘very high’.  Dentists ranked 6X higher than members of Congress, 2X higher than bankers, and overall better than college teachers, psychiatrists, clergy, business executives, and lawyers.

Car salespeople were in last place with 8% followed by close runner-up losers in the honesty and ethics poll: members of Congress.  Here’s a link to the full survey