As a business owner doing complex procedures on moving targets and serving the needs of all types of people, you have your share of stress. Additionally, many of your patients experience an acute stress response and are, literally, trying to survive in your chair. This makes your profession as a dentist one of the most difficult in the world. Your quality of life depends on developing healthy stress management strategies. What can you do about it?

The 4-minute Ideal Patient

What is an Ideal Dental Patient?

Ideal patients show up for appointments, are happy to be in your chair, don’t move or challenge the procedure, heal nicely, and talk about how great you are. Ideal patients are easier to work on and can become your best advocates. How many ideal patients do you have? NuCalm® can transform average patients into ideal patients in just 4 minutes.

NuCalm – Changing Dentistry in 4 Minutes

NuCalm® is a perfect fit for dentistry. NuCalm is a patented, clinically proven neuroscience technology that enables clinicians and their team members to safely control the most complex, unpredictable, and unreliable part of dentistry − the patient. Read More By stopping stress at its source, NuCalm improves your dentistry and your business. NuCalm takes less than two minutes to administer and fully relaxes your patients within minutes.

NuCalm’s patented neuroscience technology has been used by over 1.1 million dental patients across five continents, with zero reported adverse events and an exceptional record of satisfaction. By improving the patient experience, you naturally ignite your business.

  • 95% would use NuCalm again
  • 98% would recommend NuCalm to family and friends

Clinical Impact: Better, Faster, Safer Dentistry

With NuCalm, patients are relaxed, still, and fully available for treatment so you can focus exclusively on your dentistry. Neutralizing anxious patient behaviors in minutes allows you to do better, faster, safer dentistry by creating the optimal clinical environment:

Faster Patient Healing

Stress interferes with healing. Proper sleep promotes healing. But many people experience additional stress before and after a dental procedure. And with discomfort and anxiety, many patients find it hard to sleep after their procedure. Read More NuCalm helps control stress, reduce discomfort, and shut down anxiety. The patient will sleep better, so they can heal faster and fully. Recovery with NuCalm will help the patient harness the power of a rested body and focused mind for maximum healing.

The Business Impact of NuCalm