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Dr. Lise Kalinski

The Need for a NuCalm Dentist in Vernon

In British Columbia, most people see their dentist at least once a year. However, more than 30% of people in the province don’t. And fear of the dentist is one of the main reasons why they stay away.

People who can’t see their dentist because of their anxiety are at an increased risk for serious oral health problems. This includes the risk of cavities, infected teeth, gum disease, tooth loss, and more. They are also at risk for overall health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and dementia. NuCalm helps people with anxiety get needed dental care despite their fear.

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Dr. Lise Kalinski

Dr. Lise Kalinski runs Aesthetic Dental, a patient-centered dental practice in Vernon, BC. She strives to ensure that all patients get the care they need under conditions that make them feel comfortable, welcome, and well-cared for. NuCalm gives her essential options for her patients to help achieve this goal.

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Why NuCalm Is Ideal for Vernon

Vernon, BC is a community for people who love to live an active life. NuCalm is an ideal solution for helping people in Vernon because people can use it to meet their treatment needs without having to slow down. NuCalm treatment doesn’t use any drugs, so people who use NuCalm to overcome dental anxiety don’t have to wait for drugs to wear off before returning to their busy schedule.

People who live in Vernon, as well as those who are drawn to the community by its sports and recreation attractions, can also appreciate the way that NuCalm contributes to seeking one’s best performance. The way that NuCalm can support athletic achievement as well as oral health make it an ideal match for this community of active individuals.

Do you want to learn whether NuCalm is right for you in Vernon, BC? Please contact Dr. Kalinski at Aesthetic Dental today for an appointment.