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231 Bayview Dr., Suite 301
Barrie, Ontario L4N 4Y8


Dr. Michael Robinson

NuCalm dentist Dr. Michael Robinson in Barrie is dedicating to ensure his patients receive comprehensive dental care that goes beyond the limits of traditional dentistry to ensure whole-mouth and whole-body health. NuCalm is a superb tool to add to his practice because it can ensure his patients receive the care they’re looking for, without the potential for added stress. Instead, patients will achieve better wellness and energy.

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Dr. Michael Robinson

Dr. Robinson began his education at Queen’s University, where he received an Honours Degree in Life Sciences, then received his DDS from the University of Western Ontario. But this still represents only a fraction of his dental education. Although he has been working in private practice since 1987, he has continued to add to his dental education with additional training at many of the leading institutions around the world. He achieved the rank of Fellow at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) in 2016. This high rank was given in recognition of the comprehensive areas of training he received, including advanced cosmetic dentistry, functional dentistry, physiologic dentistry, and more.

Physiologic dentistry is his passion, and NuCalm’s comprehensive relaxation effects fit into this perfectly, helping to relax the orofacial muscles as well as the mind of patients.

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