Dr. Ron Schefdore Talks About NuCalmDr. Ron Schefdore has a practice in Westmont, Illinois that does a high volume of business with just himself and 2 assistants working a 3 1/2 day week.  In this interview with Kenton Cowdry, Director of Client Services, he talks about his first experiences with NuCalm and relates an incident with one of his patients when he nearly gave up on doing a $6,000 restoration due to her anxious behaviors.

NuCalm came to the rescue and allowed him to complete the procedure in record time without any form of sedation. He recalls that she left the appointment looking calm, relaxed, and refreshed after 4 hours of dental work – even better than when she arrived. If you have had similar incidents, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Recording time: 10 minutes

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Link to Dr. Schefdore’s practice site:  www.yourcelebritysmile.com

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