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Dr. Sonya Stoltze Newstrom

NuCalm dentist Dr. Sonya Stoltze sees dentistry as the art and science of helping people express their happiness. To achieve this, she is dedicated to using the latest technology so her patients can have their best smile and complete oral health. She cares about her patient’s dental experience and the details that bring extra comfort during a dental exam. Her mission is to make it easy for patients to get required and elective dentistry so they can have the healthy, attractive smiles they want.

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Dr. Sonya Stoltze Newstrom

Dr. Stoltze didn’t plan on being a dentist, she wanted to be an artist. Growing up the daughter of healthcare professionals, she felt drawn to helping people and views dentistry as an art form that helps her do just that. Now her art isn’t confined to a studio: it’s walking around in the smiles of her patients. For more than a decade, she has provided the highest quality dental care available to the Ames, Iowa community.
She is dedicated to using technology that enhances long-term health, provides extra comfort during exams, and when she is shaping smiles. And while she knows she isn’t the reason why they smile, she does know that her patients will use their smiles more if they like the way they look. She decided to become a NuCalm dentist to give her patients and the Ames community the best experience that could be provided by modern dentistry.

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The Need for a NuCalm Dentist in Ames

In Iowa, most people, about 71%, see their dentist every year. But that means that more than a fourth of us don’t. And there’s some evidence that the problem may be getting worse.

Compared to other groups, Millennials are less likely to have seen a dentist. According to a recent study, only 30% say that they’ve seen a dentist in the last year. And, although finances are a concern, anxiety is one of the leading reasons why not. Millennials are more likely than other age groups to report dental anxiety, and this keeps them from seeing the dentist.

NuCalm helps people overcome their anxiety and to have a pleasant experience at the dentist.

Why NuCalm Is Ideal for Ames

Ames is not like most towns in the Midwest, or, really, anywhere in the country. The juxtaposition of traditional rural values with the forward-looking, dynamism of Iowa State University (ISU), makes for a unique culture. Where all people come together is with their pioneering spirit. We are all looking to push the boundaries to do things our way, not just the conventional way.

NuCalm fits this ideal perfectly. Instead of relying on traditional methods of relaxation at the dentist, such as sedation drugs, NuCalm uses neuroscience to achieve relaxation based on your body’s natural mechanisms. With NuCalm, you can achieve relaxation without having to be put under the influence, and that means that you can get right back to work or class and not lose productivity.

Ames has earned its rank as one of the Healthiest Cities in America, and NuCalm will help us stay that way.

If you want to learn more about this revolution in relaxation dentistry in Ames, please contact NuCalm dentist Dr. Sonya Stoltze.