A New Calm

A Story of Breakthrough Neuroscience Technology

In this book, the authors tell the story of NuCalm – a revolutionary, patented technology that can shift your body out of stress and into a state of profound relaxation, within minutes.

You will be learn how and why NuCalm helps people all over the globe feel better, perform better and live better.

Enjoy the journey!

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From the Foreword of A New Calm. Written by Tony Robbins

“I use NuCalm as a tool to make up for the sleep debt my lifestyle creates. It restores my balance and allows me to produce results. If I have just 20 minutes before I have to go on stage, instead of exercising, power napping or eating, I’ll get on NuCalm. It completely focuses me, energizes me and allows me to be at my best on stage.

When you are in balance like this, everything is in sync. You’re in that flow state. The perfect words come to you, and you’re like “Where did that come from?” When stress disappears, you come up with that brilliant idea you’ve been trying to find. You’re in the zone, and with NuCalm, you can put yourself in the zone instead of hoping the zone shows up.

So for all of you who want to create immeasurable differences and achieve a better quality of life, I invite you to learn more about NuCalm. If I can take just 20 to 30 minutes to restore, NuCalm will give me hours of peak performance. I feel stronger, more rested and more focused, and so can you.”

– Tony Robbins