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The NuCalm Experience & Best Practices

When is the best time to NuCalm?

How long can I or should I NuCalm?

How often can I or should I NuCalm?

Will I fall asleep during NuCalm?

Can I go to bed with NuCalm?

Can I travel with and use NuCalm on a flight?

Where can I use NuCalm?

What is the best position to use NuCalm?

How will I feel after NuCalm?

How is NuCalm different from other relaxation products?

NuCalm Components

What's included with my NuCalm?

Do I need special headphones for NuCalm?

What kind of music will I be listening to?

How long can I wear the NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc?

Is the NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc reusable?

The NuCalm App

Can I log into and use the NuCalm app on multiple devices?

What devices are compatible with the NuCalm app?

Is there a NuCalm family plan?

Can I use NuCalm offline?


Is NuCalm safe for everyone?

Are there any side effects of NuCalm?

Can I still take prescription medication with NuCalm?

Orders & Account Information

Can I purchase NuCalm as a gift?

How can I change my account email?

Does NuCalm ship internationally?

Ride the NuCalm wave

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