NuCalm FAQs

People have many questions about NuCalm, so we’ve compiled some of the most common ones we get from people considering NuCalm.

For questions about using the device you’ve already purchased, please visit NuCalm Setup FAQ.

How is NuCalm different than other relaxation apps or devices?

NuCalm has the only patent for balancing the autonomic nervous system, every time, without drugs. Read More

Binaural beats were discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. There are thousands of binaural beat applications/products in the marketplace. A search in the App Store alone results in over 150 apps featuring binaural beats. The effect of binaural beats can be profound, but it is not consistent, predictable, and the brain typically develops a tolerance for the pattern after several exposures. They are nice to use when you are relaxed, but if you are actively in a stress response, they are not very useful. The technology is good for guiding brain wave function to a lower beta frequency. In rare cases, a user may achieve alpha brain wave dominance. If someone is stressed, their brain wave function will be in the high beta range (33-38Hz). The primitive midbrain survival function is very refined and robust (thousands of years of evolution will do that). Binaural beats will not entrain a stressed brain to alpha until the adrenals fatigue and the brain wave function naturally slows down – this could take 15 minutes or two hours depending on the person’s physiology.Now, here is how NuCalm is different. NuCalm uses a binaural signal processing, coupled with a sophisticated catalog of physics and algorithms to quickly, predictably, and consistently slow down high beta brain wave function to alpha/theta zones – every time and on every one. When we say quickly, we mean within three minutes regardless of context or circumstances. NuCalm does not rely on audio entrainment to do all the work. NuCalm uses neurochemistry to neutralize the stress response and then uses the world’s most sophisticated physics entrainment to lock you in. Essentially, we don’t bring a gun to a knife fight, we bring a tank!!In short, unlike other devices and apps on the market, due to the sophistication of the combined biochemistry and software physics and algorithms, your body can never build a tolerance to NuCalm.

Read more about how NuCalm works.

Is NuCalm Effective?

Yes! NuCalm users experience a sense of rest and deep relaxation. Read More

95% of NuCalm users report that they would use it again, and 98% of them say they would recommend it to family and friends. Based on effectiveness data included in the application, the system was awarded a patent – the only one in the world – for “…systems and methods for establishing and maintaining the health and balance of the human autonomic nervous system.” The autonomic nervous system controls body functions you don’t consciously direct, such as breathing, heartbeat, and digestion.

Do you fall asleep on NuCalm?

NuCalm is not a sleep device, nor a sleep aid. Read More

NuCalm is a deep relaxation, stress management technology that takes you to Theta brain wavelength, hovering just above sleep. This is a “meditative” state. However, because we are taking you so deep, so fast, if you are sleep deprived, there is nothing stopping you from going all the way, so you may dip in and out of sleep at some points during your session.

What does NuCalm feel like?

NuCalm feels very much like drifting peacefully off to sleep, though you probably won’t actually fall asleep. Read More

Instead, you’ll hover at the edge of sleep, feeling weightless and having your thoughts free to roam. Often, your mind is still wandering, while your body feels as if it is in deep sleep.

Who will benefit from NuCalm?

Everyone can benefit from NuCalm’s relaxing effects. Read More

People will be able to rest, relax, and enjoy dental and doctor visits as never before, and they may even experience some positive side effects of the treatment. In particular, NuCalm can help the body heal and recover more quickly from treatment and injury.

How long does NuCalm take?

NuCalm takes two minutes to administer and less than 5 minutes to achieve its effects. Read More Recovery takes about the same length of time, so you are perfectly capable of returning to any normal activity, including work, driving, sports, etc., within minutes.

How often and how long do you use NuCalm?

Daily use is ideal. We recommend 3-4 times a week, 20-min minimum. NuCalm is balancing your autonomic nervous system.Read More If you are using it everyday, there is less balancing to be done each time. The natural endpoint of your session is when you start feeling restless and just “wake up”, similar to waking up from a nap. Going to your natural endpoint means you have achieved complete autonomic nervous system balancing for the day. The length of your natural session is an indication of how out of balance you are. Sleep deprivation, poor sleep quality, stress, jetlag, illness, injury are all factors that will affect the length of your session. With consistent use of NuCalm, you will see that the natural endpoint of your session will become shorter over time.

When do you use NuCalm?

Ideally, the best time to NuCalm is during that afternoon “lull,” where your body naturally feels tired. Instead of a nap, or coffee, or sugar, try NuCalm, for a more restorative and effective solution. Read More

If the afternoon is not an opportune time for you, morning NuCalm sessions are often the best way to form a habit. Set your alarm for 30min before your regularly scheduled time. As most of us do not get a full eight hours of sleep or great quality sleep, this morning session will help finish off what your sleep didn’t. NuCalm will give you a more energized and focused start to your day.

Some people also do like to do NuCalm right before bed or in the middle of the night, if they are having a hard time falling asleep or back asleep, since NuCalm can help take the mind and body in the right direction toward sleep.

Where do you use NuCalm?

NuCalm can be used anywhere. In loud enviroments (e.g. with children at home or on an airplane), we recommend using noise-cancelling headphones. Read MoreWe demonstrate NuCalm with full efficacy at large conferences with tens of thousands of people. You can do NuCalm in a chair, in a bed, on the floor, at the office, in the car – anywhere that your body can relax.

Are there any side effects of NuCalm?

With over a million NuCalm sessions worldwide, there has not been a single reported adverse event – no one has reported a serious negative event related to a NuCalm session. Read More Most people experience positive side effects, such as increased energy, improved sleep quality and an overall reduction in stress.

Can everyone use NuCalm?

NuCalm is very safe, and there are no contraindications for NuCalm. Read More Individuals with claustrophobia may opt for the light blocking glasses instead of the light blocking eye mask. Children under 5 should not use the NuCalm Disc, but may listen to the neuroacoustic software ambiently.

Can I still use NuCalm if I’m taking prescription medications?

Yes. The natural ingredients in NuCalm won’t interact with your medication. Unless explicitly told to avoid NuCalm or any of its components, there is no concern.

Why is NuCalm expensive?

NuCalm is a medical device and much of the price reflects the millions of dollars invested in research and development, patents, regulatory, and external research. Read More We have lowered the price over the past couple years by almost 50% due to high consumer demand and economies of scale as our customer base continues to grow.

We have spent millions of dollars and many years creating and refining the NuCalm technology and experience. The complexity of the physics and effort required cannot be overstated. For example, it takes over 9 months to create one NuCalm software track. This is not a typical “calming” app. This is a patented technology, an all-natural comprehensive solution to today’s stress epidemic. To learn more about the neuroscience behind the technology, visit our Science page.

Now, from a personal standpoint, is your well-being worth $1 per day? That’s how much it costs to maintain NuCalm usage long-term. Think about how much money people spend on prescription and non-prescription drugs, alcohol, massages, other relaxation therapies, preventative care and sleep aides. NuCalm is a life-long tool that will help manage daily stress. It is the only all natural and predictable technology that organically and reliably guides the brain to parasympathetic nervous system dominance (deep relaxation).

What is the return policy?

At this time, we do not accept returns. Due to NuCalm’s efficacy when used on a regular basis, in the last 8 years, we have had less than 0.5% of buyers even ask if it was possible to return their system.

What is the resell policy?

All sales are final and we do not accept returns, but if you are interested in selling your NuCalm device please read the following…Read More

  • A NuCalm device can only be resold once
  • A NuCalm device can only be resold within the first year of purchase
  • There is a $200 fee for transfering the NuCalm app license to a new owner
  • Buyers of resold NuCalm Pro Systems will be required to pay the $149/month licensing fee if using NuCalm in a professional setting

Are there taxes?

Sales tax is charged only when shipping within Florida. Import taxes will be charged to international customers by the carrier (FedEx).

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