Think calmness is not an option at the doctor’s or the dentist’s?
Think again.

Why NuCalm?

With NuCalm, the power to relax is in your hands.

Whether facing an appointment or a diagnosis, its patented system is specifically designed to guide your mind and body to a deep state of calm—safely, predictably, in minutes.

NuCalm acts as a reset button that quiets and focuses the mind as it helps heal the body, disabling stress at its source – deep within the brain – and guiding you to your ideal recovery state.



NuCalm uses your body’s natural processes to shut down anxiety so you can get treatment and get better.

You might think you have to play the role of the anxious patient, but NuCalm lets you change that script. NuCalm can literally disable your body’s anxiety response. With your anxiety soothed, you can talk calmly and rationally about treatment options with your doctor or dentist. And they can work without having you jump, tense, or clench at every touch. And healing starts right away, instead of being delayed by stress or disruptive drugs.

When you’re a better patient, you’ll realize that they’re better doctors. And you’ll get better care.

When you’re hurt and scared, it’s easy to lash out at doctors and nurses trying to help you. NuCalm helps you feel less discomfort and less fear so you can be more centered and more focused on care and healing. Changing the script changes your role and the role of everyone you work with. They will be more compassionate, more patient, and more understanding. You will have a better experience and leave more hopeful about your prognosis.

Your body wants to heal. Priming your body’s natural healing processes shortens recovery and improves results.

Stress interferes with healing. Proper sleep promotes healing. But many people experience additional stress before and after a medical procedure. And with discomfort and anxiety, many patients find it hard to sleep after their procedure. NuCalm helps control stress, reduce discomfort, and shut down anxiety. You will sleep better so you can heal faster and more fully. Recovery with NuCalm will be like no recovery you’ve ever experienced. Harness the power of a rested body and focused mind for maximum healing.