How NuCalm Helps You Maintain Work-Life Balance

Getting to where you are has been a tough climb. Just staying here takes everything you’ve got–and you’re not content to stay here–you’ve got your sights set on even more.

But life isn’t a simple journey from point A to point B, and while you’ve been climbing, you’ve also taken many diversions. Love, family, maybe even a passionate hobby or two–these are all vital aspects of your life. But how do you perform better and balance the time, energy, and most of all, focus that all these parts of your life demand?

The answer is simple: NuCalm.

How NuCalm Helps You Maintain Work-Life Balance

Let Go of Past Concerns

Stress is an unproductive waste of energy. You spend your time worrying about things that you can’t or shouldn’t do anything about now, instead of putting your energy where it will do the most good. Most stress comes from worrying about things that are in the past or future complications of things that are already done. This is especially true if you’ve had a bad day (or night) where you didn’t live up to your physical, mental, or emotional potential. You can become stuck in the moment and find yourself replaying it over and over, with your stress levels increasing at each iteration.

With NuCalm, you can get past these moments. Whether you literally or figuratively dropped the ball, NuCalm helps flood the midbrain with oxygen to help your brain clear out the emotional baggage that leads to stress and keeps you from moving on. Mistakes happen, but with NuCalm you are better able to learn from them, not dwell on them.

Better Focus for What’s in Front of You

Being able to let go of mistakes is vital to helping you focus on what’s in front of you so you can maximize your performance at whatever demand is being made on you right now. You don’t want a mistake with a client spawning a fight with your spouse–or vice versa. Instead, you can put those things and their emotional baggage aside so you are completely present where you need to be at all times.

NuCalm doesn’t just help you let go of the past, it helps you get a better focus on the now. It brings you quickly into parasympathetic nervous system dominance. This helps your body rest and regenerate, feeding your muscles and your brain. It promotes blood flow to the frontal cortex, which improves communication pathways in the brain, so you have better focus, more mental clarity, and improved elasticity.

More Energy for All Life’s Demands

At the end of a long workday, you’re spent. But you come home, and your family expects you to have energy for them, too. You’re expected to split housework demands. Kids need help with homework, play time, and discipline that is firm, instructive, and fair. And you’re expected to be emotionally and physically available to your partner. It’s an entirely separate workday, and, like your day job, it’s as demanding as it is rewarding. How can you give it your all without being worn down by these demands night after day after night?

NuCalm makes sure you have energy for it all. You won’t be wasting energy on stress, nor will you be distracted by daytime concerns. You’ll be able to focus on what’s in front of you. And with less than half an hour of NuCalm, you can get the benefit of hours of regenerative sleep. You’ll be restored and ready to enjoy the day and the night. Then when it is time to sleep, you’ll enjoy the sleep benefits of NuCalm, too. 

Perform Better at Work and Home

It’s not by accident that your life is full of delights. There are so many wonderful achievements to enjoy by day and by night. But you have to have the energy and focus to enjoy them. And that’s where NuCalm comes in.

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