Fall is almost here. The leaves will fall, the weather will get cooler and, for many of us, that means it’s marathon season.

Training for a marathon is tough, particularly if you’re training for your first. Anxiety before race day is real, and while some excited jitters here and there are normal and healthy, losing sleep because you’re worried or being too nervous to eat is not.

But there are ways you can calm your nerves and, while you’re doing that, relax your muscles and stay focused on the race ahead.

The feet of a large group of marathon runners runnin on a city road. This can add a lot of stress and anxiety, luckily with NuCalm you'll be able to go the distance!

Ways NuCalm Can Prepare You for Race Day

If you’re an avid runner, a marathon can become a major event. Choosing the perfect marathon, coming up with your training regimen and sharing your excitement with friends is part of the experience. With NuCalm, lost sleep, muscles so sore you’re forced to skip valuable training days and that constant worry in the back of your mind doesn’t have to be part of the experience.

Relieve Your Anxieties

If you’ve found yourself reaching for anti-anxiety medication you don’t need before marathon day, you might feel you’re solving long-term issues with short-term solutions. While medication can be effective, when the effects of those drugs wear off, we often feel worse than before. NuCalm’s stress-relieving technology is the only patented drug-free device that helps balance the autonomic nervous system.

Get Rid of Tension, Keep the Intensity

NuCalm helps during training in three ways: it relieves stress, which eliminates tension in your muscles; gets you focused and breathing right; and puts you in a meditative state so you perform at your best. Then, when you’ve crossed the finish line, NuCalm can restore your muscles, breathing and rebalance your emotions so you can cut down on post-race fatigue.

Feel Your Best, Even When Traveling

For many runners, a major part of that marathon experience is traveling to a new destination. Travel to the Big Sur International Marathon for some gorgeous ocean views, visit Beijing and get a historic tour during the Great Wall Marathon or push the limits at the Inca Trail Marathon in Peru. No matter where your marathon training takes you, with NuCalm, you don’t have to stress about jet lag. NuCalm can reset your brain, so whether the time change is just two hours or 10, your body will be race ready. Not traveling far, but still sleep poorly in hotel rooms or just have trouble sleeping the night before the race? No need to take unpredictable sleeping pills; pack your NuCalm and sleep like a baby so your body is completely refreshed.

Get Race Ready

NuCalm may not be able to help once the starting cannon has been fired, but it can help you feel your best while you train and restore your body and mind after the race. NuCalm packs tons of benefits for athletes, whether you need to ease your race day anxieties, relax your muscles or sleep as you should while you travel.